Technologies we work on

We at CDN Solutions Group juggle with numerous technologies, create the right blend of each of them and then deliver to you the most eased out solutions to your most complex business problems. We believe in building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, and we don't settle for enough. If you are not satisfied, we don't call it done!

Our expertise resides in a number of fields, and we have experts in our team for each of the technologies so that we stay ahead of the curve and usher you towards success too. So here it goes -

Web Development

The Web has since long been upgraded from a read-only Web 1.0 to the read/write Web 2.0. We help you leverage all the perks of this bilateral relationship with the Internet, to convert your leads to profits. Get a highly responsive website designed for your specific requirements that work seamlessly for all screen sizes and platforms.

We are the one-stop shop for all your website development requirements. We hear out your business requirements, analyze them, and then plan out a way of delivering the most advanced solutions for the same. We escort you towards the peak of your online business through Interactive, Intuitive, and Innovative website solutions.

Our Web App Development services do not just yield a website with high performance and rich features, but also the most aesthetic designs and looks. We deliver fresh experiences with each of our websites and web apps so that you drive your online business towards success.

We have on our team experts who can bring value to your business through their competency in building the most complex websites- be it an eCommerce portal, a personal website, a blog, or a network of websites.

Hire web developers on our team for the most outstanding user experiences packed with the most crucial functionalities. We create websites that are easy to flow through which makes them user-friendly and that in turn leads to your customers interacting with your business with simplicity.

We are the top web development company you have been looking for to get your online business up and running.

Mobile App Development

The world has become mobile, and businesses have realised they cannot flourish without making a presence as a mobile application. With everything just a touch away, it is imperative for your business to leave an impression on your potential customers through a robust mobile application.

We cater to all your mobile app development requirements by creating feature-rich mobility solutions that are custom-made to suit your business requirement. Reach out to your customers through the best Android, iOS, Cross Platform and Windows applications built by our proficient professionals.

We create optimized layouts for all device types, striking user experiences, and the most affluent technological functionalities in your mobile application. We help you with social media integrations in your application and make your app as responsive as it can get.

We take care of the security aspects of your mobile app so that your customer's data remains intact. A mobile application laden with all these features can lead you to reach your customers and create a lasting impression on them.

We have skilled designers and technology enthusiasts on our team who love to put passion and finesse into making the most exceptional mobile applications that solve real-time business problems and help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

Only the highest standards of application development are followed when it comes to CDN Software Solutions. Quality is our highest priority, and we assure that to all our customers. Timely delivery, competitive pricing, and the best solution- we are the top mobile app development company for you.

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce has changed itself from just a way of driving traffic to an inherent necessity. We realise that your business needs the boost that an E-Commerce portal can provide you with. We are a pioneer in web application development services and know the nitty-gritty of developing the perfect eCommerce solutions for your customers' exceptional shopping experiences.

We provide you with a website that connects and clicks with your customers interactively and helps you establish a brand image for your business. The websites delivered by our experts lead business form the front by driving greater traffic and engaging a yet bigger customer base.

When you give your customer what they want- right recommendations at the right time, they give you what you do- sales! We can help you utilize the many advantages of E-Commerce personalization so that each of your customers gets a unique and tailor-made experience on your portal. E-Commerce personalization is witnessing its highest demand this year, and we can help you get ahead in the race.

Drive higher sales and get to the top of the marketing game through custom, responsive, and highly functional eCommerce websites. Convert your leads into customers through a website that is crafted with the most advanced technologies, by the most competent minds of the IT industry.

We offer all kinds of eCommerce website development services like custom plug-in and module development, cart development, integration of payment gateway, maintenance, configuration, and support so that you can concentrate on other crucial aspects of your business.

If you were looking for an E-Commerce development company with affordable pricing and tech-savvy workforce for your requirements, you have reached your destination!

AR/VR Development

Reality is changing shape owing to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, and industries are being disrupted as a consequence. A software is not a flat thing anymore as we knew it until recently, but has taken a shape and blended into the “real reality”.

Create the most immersive and captivating user experiences for your customers by exercising the power of AR and VR in your business solution. If yours is an idea of a game, these are the technologies that your users will surely appreciate in your gaming application. The future of gaming lies in AR and VR.

Overlay the real world with your own environment, and broaden the scope of your business through AR app development. AR/VR applications are everywhere including retail, sports, medicine and health, manufacturing, entertainment, and education. These are adding value to industries and opening up newer opportunities to handle real-time problems with ease.

We at CDN Solutions Group employ the best development methodologies to craft your AR/VR application with proficiency. Grow your business by leaps and bounds through the most advanced applications of AR and VR suited to your needs.

We work on the development front with the most advanced tools and frameworks like ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, etc. to build a promotional or marketing or a full-fledged functional application for you.

Discuss your requirements with us today, and we will tell you how to best leverage these cutting-edge technologies for your business' success.

Cloud Computing Services

Be future-ready by incorporating the SMAC(Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud) trend for your business. With the rise in cloud computing services and applications of the technology, businesses are now operating through the cloud.

We offer you the best cloud computing services to help you improve IT responsiveness, better utilize your resources, and scale up without hassle when reaching new horizons. Derive maximum value from your business by boosting your flexibility and easing out the wrinkles in all your management aspects.

This is how we work for your benefits-

  • We analyze your specifications or issues and advise you a course of action.
  • We discuss the solution against your queries and questions, to come to a conclusion.
  • We design the way to go about implementing the solution for you.
  • We build the system with finesse and passion.
  • We manage your data efficiently for you.

We realise that the cloud has a lot of inherent uncertainty when it comes to its security, and we take extra measures and precautions to ensure that your data is secure and protected against any threat. Our professional cloud app development specialists ensure that only the best approaches are undertaken for all our cloud-based services. We provide consistent support round-the-clock should you face the minutest of problems. We offer Amazon cloud services to our customers by helping them harness the power of the mighty AWS cloud computing platform across models like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

iiBeacon App Development

iBeacon technology is a protocol that is realised through a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) device, typically called a beacon, to broadcast their identity to nearby mobile devices. This technology leads to the birth of applications that want to perform an action based on a mobile device's proximity to a beacon device.

Some of the applications that are a result of this advanced technology are- in-shop experience, geo-tracking, classroom and education, automation, loyalty programs, and indoor location-based applications.

You can employ this technology to track how far your users are from your store, and then notify them of discounts, deals, display alerts, or perform similar actions based on your findings. We at CDN Solutions Group can help you with a feature-rich mobile app that can accompany your beacon device to create a cutting-edge iBeacon application solution.

Deliver targeted content to your users through our iBeacon app development services, and gain sales and profits from the immense power of proximity-based applications. The applications are many, but the true competency to implement them lies with only a few in the market.

We have at our disposal the most skilled team of professionals who are well-versed with iBeacon development fundamentals. Allow our team to give your business a new direction by combining it with the leading and advanced technologies.

We are the best at whatever we do, and we deliver unmatched solutions with captivating user experiences!

Wearable Technology

Wear the latest trends in Information Technology on your wrist with the most happening wearable devices. Enhance the services you provide your customers with by actualizing the immense potential of wearable application development services.

We help you get more connected with your users through customized, business-centric solutions that work with the latest popular gadgets. We are one of the earliest adopters of the wearable technology and have been creating novel applications for the same in various industries including fitness and health, medical, lifestyle, gaming, and utilities.

We create for various industries, we deliver on time, and we work within your budget. We have got all the necessary qualities to qualify as the top wearable app development company for all your requirements.

We can create a wearable app for you from scratch or upgrade your existing mobile application to work seamlessly on all the leading wearable devices. Aesthetics are an art to us, and we have the best artists! We build applications with a flow smooth as a fluid and take pride in being the domain experts in doing so.

Be it fitness tracker applications, Apple watch development, or Android wear development, we can turn your idea into an advanced application that your customers will completely love! Provide your customers with another channel to communicate with your business, and set new marketing and sales benchmarks for yourself.

Bring to us your idea, and let's plan your business' success through a wearable device application.

Internet of Things

Things have begun interacting with each other and with us. And when they communicate in the right way, it leads a business towards success. Businesses like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, automotive, energy, and construction are transforming the way they function with the right use of Internet-enriched devices and applications.

IoT solutions are causing disruptions across businesses, for good. They enhance the productivity of any business' cycle and improve its operations. Connect devices to the Internet, make them smart, and let them handle the most urgent hazards skilfully, or derive data from these devices to better understand and analyze the flow of your business.

A central console lets you manage all the devices, and keeps you in total control of their functioning. Our experts in IoT app development at CDN Solutions Group can usher you towards an increased efficiency in your business' operations through the development of the best IoT apps for your needs.

We provide you with mobility services adorned with IoT Technology using various channels like WiFi, WiFi direct, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 2.0, etc.

We handle end-to-end IoT app development services and deliver to you innovative, interactive, and immersive IoT applications. CDN Solutions Group is your ultimate partner for all 'Things over the Internet'. We are a pioneering IoT development company that has always stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to the industry-altering technologies.

Discuss your requirements with us today, and join hands with the best IoT app builder in the industry. In no time, you will witness your applications running smoothly, and bringing you success.

Chatbot Development

The way businesses function is being changed by the advent of chatbots that are artificially intelligent. The use of a chatbot enables a better experience for your potential customers and clients on your website or mobile application, which directly leads to better business functioning.

Perform simple communications several times effectively through a chatbot, and double your chances of sealing the deal. Chatbots are the need of the hour for any business that wants to flourish over the Internet. We can build a swift and reliable chatbot for your business that can undertake with your customers a communication that is shockingly human.

Our tech-savvy team of professionals can build for you chatbots that can perform automated actions as encoded within them, along with an easy-to-use interface. If yours is an International business that embraces multitudes of languages, we can build for you chatbots that are programmed to communicate in various languages.

We have expertise in building shopping assistance bots, news bots, customised bots for your definite needs.

Offer your customers with personalized interaction for their requirements, and they will feel happy to be served by you. We can program your chatbot with the friendly and interactive slangs suited for different cultures, and make sure that your users have unmatched experience with them.

We are a chatbot development company that offers Facebook bot development, Slack bot development, Telegram, and Microsoft bot development services. Take up your business a notch higher by improving upon your interaction channels, and pave for yourself the way to success.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchains have given a new face to financial transactions. They are open ledgers to manage records of transactions that take place between two parties over the Internet, without the need of a central authority to determine the authenticity of the transactions.

While it was originally invented to drive the digital currency Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology carries immense potential in other financial applications, too. CDN Solutions Group is the top company to provide Blockchain development services to customers around the globe.

We offer applications that rest on the Blockchain Technology, like Smart contracts, safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, private and customised blockchains on hyperledger, collaborative commerce solutions to manage supply chains in a single place, secure wallets, and much more.

Through these services and applications, we intend to simplify your most crucial transactions and enhance your security over the Internet from unwanted threats and malicious attacks. We also provide you with Blockchain consulting services to evaluate your business and recognize opportunities within it to employ Blockchain development services for its upgradation.

Through a rigorous methodology of design, discussion, planning, implementation, and testing, we assure quality in all our applications.

We have empowered businesses in the Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Logistics sectors through our cutting-edge applications that derive from our expertise in Hyperledger, Fabric, Ethereum, Multichain, Smart contracts.

Hire our highly skilled workforce and steer your business in the direction where success is a given. Contact us today for taking your business to the next level.

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