Real Estate Software Solutions

How exactly has the real estate industry changed?

The Real Estate industry has seen some major paradigm shifts ever since technological advancements have begun disrupting all aspects of enterprises. Mobilization of sectors meant that workers are more mobile and connected to their business from anywhere in the world, which has resulted in the rise in the demand for mobile apps for real estate.

Influencers who have had the first row seats to witness the change in the real estate sector due to technology say that the sector has not been disrupted, but the changes are vividly visible.

Technological advancements have altered the way the real estate sector functions. These changes have called on for effective real estate software solutions to be developed and deployed for organizing, streamlining, and selling in the real estate sector.

Some Reshaped Aspects Of The Real Estate Sector

The real estate industry witnessed the following substantial changes as consequences of technology-

  • Increased transparency – Gone are the times when data and information were hidden behind paywalls and subscription models. Today, the real estate sector is so close to developing a central database like Google with all the real estate related data in one place, open for all to see.
  • The speed of transactions – The real estate sector has become quick in closing deals. While it used to take months to finalize a deal, today, the marketing efforts are more productive, and real estate software solutions have made the process easier.
  • Leasing efficiency – A number of businesses in the real estate sector are betting high on the use of leasing tools to better equip their professionals. Mobile apps for real estate have all the basic information such as floor plans and availability stored and readily accessible from the cloud, from anywhere in the world..
  • Marketing tactics - The ways of marketing have drastically changed in the real estate sector. Getting visibility, branding, and reputation for your company has become cost-effective and easy. Targeted marketing with Big Data proved to be a game changer for the real estate sector.
  • Real-time data - Lately, real-time data about the availability and the costs of a real estate site have become readily available on the Internet for the entire industry to access.

With a lot of changes happening in the real estate sector, it is important to pay heed to the need of the hour- to partner with a top real estate solutions provider.

Software solutions for construction and real estate sector need to be robust and secure, with high-performance aspects. CDN Solutions Group has the right expertise on its team to build the perfect real estate industry IT solutions.

How can a real estate company address these changes?

You need to join hands with a real estate industry IT solutions provider to get your real estate software solutions up and running in no time.

CDN Software Solutions has a wealth of experience in developing IT solutions for real estate industry.

We have successfully developed and deployed feature-rich real estate software solutions that have the following functionalities-
  • Property locator with integration with Google Maps
  • Logistics functionalities
  • Contract Management system
  • Product Lifecycle Management system
  • Special offer and discounts for customers
  • Asset management system
  • Enterprise applications equipped with document management, inventory management, and risk monitoring
  • Report generation and dashboard implementation
  • Rates and Trends display functionality
  • Property management with customer, agent, seller, accommodating new projects classified by city
  • Material tracking functionality
  • Property search with a number of classifiers
  • Advertising functionality
  • Workflow and information management

CDN Software Solutions can respond to all of your real estate software solution needs through the right development strategy and proven skills of our development team. We have developed a desktop application for our clients that is tailor-made for property developers. This real estate software solution allows for the visitor to check any floor in a real estate building for its availability and other data such as its floor plans, price, the area of the space, etc. The application also has networking capabilities so that if one worker updates a piece of information for a property, the updated data will be visible to everyone else in his network when they visit the site.

CDN Solutions Group- The Top Real Estate Software Solutions Provider

At CDN Solutions Group, we house the best IT talent there is. Our developers are passionate about their work and deliver value to all our customers consistently.

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