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Shift your gears with the leading Transportation Software Development Company and streamline all your daily logistics processes via CDN’s Logistics Management System Software Solutions.

Logistics Software Development - Process Automation Tool for Logistics Industry

Many fleet businesses are embracing new tech innovations i.e. logistic software development solutions to improve productivity, and efficiency and control the expenses of transportation post-pandemic. IT solutions for the logistics industry are playing a vital role to make every task more simple and make shipments quicker than at any other time. It gives support to eliminate dangers in processes, deals with the scheduled timetable, and guide the best course to enhance effectiveness in the transportation business.

We Are Simplifying Fleet Management With Future-Proof Logistics Software Solutions

Our custom transportation software development services earnestly focus on offering automation, safe, and real-time oversights, an essential of the transportation and delivery industry. Avail of our unmatched Logistics Software Management Solutions to initiate your digital journey

  • Custom Transportation and Logistics Management – We are a trusted Custom Logistics Software development company that provides Custom Transportation software solutions tailor-made as per your business needs.
  • ERP Logistics System – These are progressively adaptable and simple to integrate with a wide scope of big business applications to do better inventory control, staff management, distribution management, etc.
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions – Avail of higher business visibility and real-time insights into your fleet. CDN is a leading supply chain software development company that enhances business networks and responsiveness.
  • Dispatch Management Software – Our dispatch management software solutions will equip you with intuitive dispatching functionalities and tech innovation that can boost your business productivity.
  • Fleet Management Software – Our robust Fleet management software delivers fleet dashboards with different key features and dehumanizes the alerts, and constructs extensive reports.
  • Parking Management Software – Our parking management software solutions provide you with a platform that offers high security of your fleets and tracking features.
  • Logistics Application Development – It helps you to be in touch with drivers, and communicate with partners easily. You can track orders, view the history, and invoices creation, search for cargo in the warehouse, and it reduces paperwork.

Features That Are Worth Exploring

CDN Solutions Group is one of the trusted brands in the IT industry and our team of Logistics app developers are highly skilled and proficient in providing some of the best features that simplify all the logistics processes in a matter of seconds. Explore some of the key features:


GPS integration with real-time vehicle tracking


Analytics, reporting with visualization

Food & Restaurant

MIS integration


Fleet telematics system

Real eState

Primary & customizable KPIs

Banking and Finance

Product inventory catalogue


Billing Support

Media & Entertainment

Delivery vendor KYC

Travel & Tourism

Transportation, warehouse & distribution analysis


Demand forecast accuracy analysis


Real-time updates across inventory, delivery & production, etc.

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The cost to develop logistics applications and custom software vary on different factors li features, security standards, the technology you choose to develop, etc.

It provides more transparency to the supply chain:
  • It provides a single platform to manage fleet
  • Less paperwork
  • Easy fleet tracking, etc.

Yes we do provide assistance to upgrade your existing system with our latest solutions.

Yes we kept it confidential and provide assurance for the same.