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Why Mobile Apps for

Mobile applications are no more a choice for businesses.
They are a basic building block and a necessity.
A mobile app for your business can do the following for you.

Improve Business Visibility

Improve Business Visibility

Mobile apps can significantly affect how much your customers see of you. Sit on your customers' mobile devices and your business will bloom.

Leverage a direct marketing channel

Leverage a direct marketing channel

All promotions and discounts you want to offer your customers will get to them faster than ever with a mobile application.

Offer immense value

Offer immense value

Reward points, discounts, educational and informational content are all ways of delivering value to your customers through their mobile device.

Build brand recognition

Build brand recognition

Mobile apps can significantly affect how much your customers see of you. Sit on your customers' mobile devices and your business will bloom.

Hike customer engagement

Hike customer engagement

Offer several communication options to your customers and allow them to use their best one to interact with your business.

Why Choose Our
Mobile App Development

CDN Software Solutions has earned the reputation of a leading mobile app development
company offering services in India and other parts of the world. With extensive experience of 18 years behind us,
we have learned a lot about businesses and how they work.

  • Faster turnaround time so you can kickstart building great customer relationships
  • Cost-effective mobile app development services so you don't break your bank.
  • Top mobile app developers so you are sure to get a feature-packed, interactive, and intuitive application.
  • Experience with all leading technologies which makes it a no-brainer for you to choose us.
  • Seamless user experiences that make customer engagement a given.
  • Complete 360-degree tested mobile apps that are secure, robust, and bug-free.
  • Proactive and expert support and maintenance so you have to face nothing alone.
  • Customer success stories that tell all about us and our dedicated services.?

A Mobile App Development Company with experience in all leading technology Such as-


Have you got an idea for a smart wallet or a smart contract? We are sure we can exceed expectations when it comes to Blockchain implementation.

Artificial Intelligence

Want to bring in intuitiveness into your mobile app? We help businesses transform back-end or front-end operations with Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning

Explore the expanse of machine learning with our top mobile app developers.


Build location-aware mobile apps and leverage customer proximity for your business.

Augmented Reality

No more limited to gaming, this technology is popular with businesses that want to offer immersive customer experiences.

Internet of Things

As a prominent IoT solutions provider, we offer end to end IoT app development services catering to your needs.

Our Mobile App Development

We offer mobile app development services and consulting services for

  • Android App Development

    so you can leverage the most popular mobile platform and maximize user reach.
  • iOS App Development

    for you to reach a yet wider audience.
  • UI/UX and Wireframing

    services that give you an initial look and feel of your mobile app.
  • Augmented Reality App Development

    for you to offer real-life experiences and applications to your users.
  • Cross-Platform App Development

    services that can help you reach all leading mobile platform users cost-effectively.
  • IoT App Development

    services for you to offer insightful connected apps services to your customers.
  • iBeacon App Development

    that helps you cash-in on the location of your customer with respect to your store.
  • Blockchain Development

    that helps build ledger applications to maintain transaction records and more.

Industries We Know Inside Out.

CDN Software Solutions have experience delivering tailored mobile app solutions for businesses in the following industries-


Retail businesses



However, we love to innovate and experiment with our capabilities. Our customers vouch for our exceptional mobile app development services and we want to prove our grit to you too!




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