Investment Opportunities

Great opportunity for all the investors! We are seeking investments for our next-generation software product journeys.

Invest Your Money In Next-Gen Software Product Development

Are you tired of investing in businesses making huge promises but failing to deliver quality results? CDN Solutions Group is the right stop for you.

We are looking for investors who can support us in a few product development journeys. All our products are equipped with trending features and are been developing on trending Tech stacks that will benefit you when marketed.

Troy (Refbook)

Sports authorities management made it easy. This product is made for modern sports officials to manage sports authorities faster, simpler, and then more insightfully with basic, connected technology. Work 100 percent on the internet with an intuitive design plan that simplifies it for assignors and authorities to connect. Fully cloud-based, no product download is required.

Investor requirement for

Funds needed for next phase development and marketing and promotions

Venue Finder

Venue Finder as the name suggests is software that shows hotel reviews, accommodation bookings, and other hotel-related content. It is typically based on three modules so that one can find the one most suitable to their needs.

Venue Finder Module

In this module, users can search venues using Destination, Brand, Distance, and map. If the user wants to search the venue according to Attendees and Spaces then he/she can use the “Advance Search” option. And users can also apply the filters on the search venues list.

RFI (Request For Information) Module

In the RFI module user can request venue booking and he can communicate by message with the venue owner also user can give the rating and add a comment for this venue.

Shortlist Module

In this module, if the user wants to book an event but he/she has not decided which venue is perfect for an event then the user can share multiple venues with friends and get a response from friends about the venue.

Investor requirement for

The product is ready to flourish in the market, funds are needed for marketing campaigns.

Rhythm Coin

Rhythm Coin is a decentralized platform for vocalists, music performers, and audience members that influences blockchain innovation to give a fair music ecosystem that offers a technique for getting the most outrageous advantage to artists and entertainers and allows the client to bring in money while they are streaming music. Its features include wallet creation, minting an item, rewards, stacking, and royalties, etc.

Investor requirement for

The prototype for the product is ready. Funds are needed to develop it.