IT Solutions for Travel & Tourism

People are swiping on mobile applications and comparing travel and tourism businesses on their small-screen devices to make a decision about their next travel destination. This is how rapidly and irreversibly the travel and tourism industry is shaping in the wake of technology.

Amid a wave of IT solutions for travel industry, people are busy finding the right match for their travel and stay needs, and organizations are competing against each other for the online supremacy.

The software solutions for travel industry are centered around the most advanced technologies and trends such as Virtual Reality, Mobilization, metasearch through voice activation, etc. As is the case with all other customer-centered industries, the travel and tourism space is set to embrace technology innovations to deliver exceptional services to people all over the world.

The More And Less Of What Changed – IT Solutions for Travel Industry

Here's a wrap of how travel industry solutions are shaping the space for good and the role of technology in travel industry-

  • iBeacons and Mobile Devices – Airlines, in particular, are experimenting with mobility solutions for travel sector using the iBeacon technology to deliver location-specific services to their customers, while also improving the customers' journey and experience.
  • Biometrics on the rise – With increasing security concerns and in a bid to identify each individual uniquely, biometric systems have found their place on almost all airports for enhancing security and safety. The systems capture the photographs and fingerprints of all passengers and tally them with the data available on their passports.
  • Wearables in Travel Tech – Airlines have begun offering smartwatch boarding passes and thus have started recognizing the need to be aligned with the latest technologies. On the other hand, hotels are offering smartwatch apps that will allow users to access their door locks remotely.
  • Geolocation-based services – It has become impossible to get lost in a place when you have a mobile device with an Internet connection. Geolocation applications are being developed and deployed by companies to helps tourists find their destinations easily.
  • Virtual Reality - By leveraging the reality-bending technology in the travel and tourism space, companies are trying to give their customers a taste of several destinations from the comfort of their homes. By selling these experiences, travel companies aim to compel their customers to decide on their trips and destinations with clarity.

With these tourism management solutions, the travel and tourism space has witnessed a paradigm shift. And, things are least likely to go back the way they were a few years back. Thanks to the thriving software solutions for travel industry.

CDN Solutions Leading The Way With Its Apps for Travel and Tourism

At CDN Solutions, we are always at the front end of the change curve, experimenting firsthand what works and what doesn't, rather than relying on the trend waves! Thus, we tried our hands and skills and successfully deployed innovative software solutions for travel industry that our offshore clients have loved. Here's a quick peek into the functionalities we have integrated into the IT solutions for travel industry we have built and deployed.

Searching and Browsing

For travel industry solutions, a landmark searching functionality is a must. We have integrated seamless searching and browsing features into our mobile apps for travel and tourism.

Language Translation

Mobility solutions for travel sector are incomplete without a translation service. The expert developers at CDN Solutions have proficiently integrated language translators into our mobile apps and platforms for the customers who travel globally.

GPS Navigation

Be it Google Maps integration or customizing the GPS navigation functionality, we have covered it all in the tourism management solutions we have successfully delivered to our overseas clients.

Rating and Review systems

For the software solutions for travel industry, rating and review systems are integral as they help ensure that the customers have a way of identifying the best travel packages, locations, and service providers at a glance.

Payment Integration

Travel booking platforms developed by us have seamless payment process with a smooth checkout. Our proficient developers can integrate secure payment gateways in IT solutions for travel industry.

Location Emergency Services

We are adept at handling emergency services in our travel and tourism apps. We keep the end users' perspective in mind while developing highly functional travel and tourism solutions for our clients.

CDN Solutions – Our Experience In Developing Apps for Travel and Tourism

At CDN Solutions, we have the capacity and the capabilities to build the following travel industry solutions-

  • Online Tickets Booking Systems.
  • Hotel Reservation Systems.
  • Travel Agent Systems and Tour Planners.
  • Travel solutions integrated with Central Reservation Systems.
  • Cross-platform solutions that work on mobile devices, handheld devices, websites, etc.
  • CRM applications for tour operators, travel agents, etc.
  • Weather information systems and forecast systems.
  • Business Intelligence systems that provide information about destinations on the spot.
  • Finance management systems tailored for travel and tourism industry.
  • Loyalty program management systems.

CDN Solutions has established itself as a leader in developing and deploying state-of-the-art mobile apps and websites for travel and tourism industry.