Engagement Models

Engagement Models for custom made solutions to ease your work

On Hire

We provide a resource to clients on a hire basis. Today, the concept of virtual employees has increased tremendously. The term virtual employees represents project team members in different geographical locations. The upside of this concept is that it gives a project manager a free hand to select and establish a team at a significantly competitive price.

Monthly Hire

Monthly Hire

We offer resource services on a monthly hire basis. In this model, the client can hire a resource for a fixed monthly rate and utilize their services for a set number of months as needed. The commitment from CDN Solutions Group for a resource varies from 160 to 180 hours based on the client's requirements.

Hourly Hire

Hourly Hire

We also offer resources on an hourly basis. This model allows project managers to pay for hours worked and utilize resources as needed.

Fixed Cost Model

In this engagement model, CDN develops a set of project development models. The process starts with understanding the need or client's requirement to ensure that the client and our team are on the same pitch. After that, our experienced project manager estimates the time required to deliver the project. Based on time and resource estimates, the fixed rate is proposed.

There is some added value that CDN Solutions Group provides in this model:

  • CDN takes full responsibility for delivering the software as per the signed requirement specification agreed upon on time.
  • CDN offers six months of free support for all non-functional bugs after project delivery.
  • During the lifetime of the project, any resources or operational issue is CDN's responsibility.
  • CDN uses a project management system through which every client gets updated on their project whenever needed (weekly/daily).
  • Any operational issue raised by clients to our management is attended to within 12 hours. CDN's Account management team is available for our customers on the phone 24/7.

Bucket Hour Model

We also work on a unique Bucket hour Model suitable for clients with flexible needs. Please connect with us to learn more about the benefits of this exclusive model. For Software Development, we work on the Agile method, Prototyping, waterfall method, and Spiral method of development.

Explore flexible engagement models for tailored solutions. Optimize collaboration and elevate results. Discover the perfect fit for your project!