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The Healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Technological advancements are reshaping the Healthcare landscape for good. The paradigm shift in the Healthcare sector is a consequence of developments in technologies like Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

However, stringent regulatory frameworks that govern the healthcare industry make it imperative for healthcare providers to partner with expert healthcare IT solutions development companies to implement healthcare technology processes for them.

"The Talk of the 'Healthcare' Town".

Healthcare providers in this digital day and age are focusing on-

  • The Security of user-generated sensitive health data that includes lab reports, history of medication, details about a patient's overall health, etc. Providing the aging population remote access to healthcare services through wearable devices and other leading technologies.
  • Enhancing patient engagement through patient portals and management systems.
  • Delivering patient-centric services custom-made for each patient after analyzing their historical medical data.
  • Innovations on robotic surgeries that free up man's time for other crucial pursuits in healthcare. Development and deployment of Electronic Health Records to capture data that remains securely with the patient for further use.

These applications in the Healthcare domain call for innovations and disruptions in the way the industry operates

CDN Solutions Group paving the way for Disruption in Healthcare.

CDN Solutions Group is committed to bringing about positive changes in the Healthcare industry's operations for its clients worldwide. We see IT as an opportunity to drive better Healthcare solutions to those in need. After all, what is the purpose of Technology, if not to improve lives? We understand the importance of all operations in the Healthcare domain- they affect lives directly. And so, CDN Solutions Group provides leading IT Solutions in Healthcare.

"We serve the Healthcare industry holistically."

Our bouquet of services includes.

  • Finance Management software development services.
  • Logistics Management software development services.
  • Patient Portal design and development services.
  • Resource Planning and Scheduling applications development services.
  • Staff management app development services.
  • Health Information Technology services.
  • Invoicing and payment management services.
  • Medical document management portals development services.

At CDN Solutions Group, we develop secure and cost-effective solutions for.

  • Healthcare Services Providers.
  • Healthcare Services Consumer.
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Care management organizations.
  • Government Health organizations.

Healthcare IT solutions by CDN Solutions Group

Our team of expert developers and designers have crafted various software solutions for Healthcare industry, including..”

Online Appointment Scheduling system

We have developed a feature-rich appointment scheduling system that can save your patient's time and energy, and help them conveniently schedule appointments from the comfort of their homes any time of the day. The system is enhanced to provide reminders to the user when an appointment has not been scheduled for long.

Medical Information system

Our healthcare information system can tackle all aspects of operations in a healthcare establishment with ease and simplicity. The system proves to be a single repository to store most of the information in a healthcare organization.

Hospital Management system

We have developed a fully integrated advanced hospital management system that can carry out al major tasks in a healthcare organization, including patient registration, diagnosis, prescription management, tracking patient's records, scheduling operations, etc.

Patient Management system

Our cutting-edge patient information management system can securely store your patient's data, churn it for analysis and information-gathering, and work as an online storehouse of data related to each and every patient.

Patient portal system

We have crafted a state-of-the-art patient portal system that drastically enhances patient engagement. Patients in a healthcare organization can view their prescriptions, participate in online forums, and know more about their well-being through effective patient portals. These systems encourage patients to participate in their own healthcare and lead to a better relationship between healthcare provider and consumer.


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