Software Solutions for Food and Restaurants

The Food and Restaurants industry is in no way untouched by the mobility wave. Almost all major food chains and retailers today have recognized the need for mobile applications. Smartphones usage is skyrocketing as much as the use of the Internet.

Is the need for Custom Apps for Restaurants justified?

The immense benefits that food and restaurant businesses can enjoy as they get their mobile apps up and running include-

  • A rise in bookings –Restaurant apps are changing the way food is delivered to customers from food chains. This ease of getting food at the doorstep makes food ordering easier for your customers. They, in turn, make your hardest task easy- getting enough orders.
  • Brand Awareness – The most important bit in marketing, creating a brand awareness, is easily achievable if your customers have downloaded and installed your mobile app. Your app icon appearing in their smartphones creates an image in their minds about you.
  • Simplified reviews process – If your customers love you, give them a platform to leave their comments. Your restaurant app can serve as an in-app review place for your customers enabling them to review your business with ease. And you will have testimonials that will highly increase your credibility in the market.
  • Better customer engagement The user-friendliness of a food & beverages app compels the customer to engage with the business more and with simplicity. And, that, in turn, means better sales!

For these reasons alone, businesses prefer to consider software solutions for food & restaurants as opposed to traditional ways of food service delivery.

Leading Restaurant App Development Company

CDN Solutions Group has established itself as a pioneer in developing software solutions for the Food and Restaurants industry. Through our extensive experience, we have been able to derive insights about the industry and apply them to create leading business solutions.

By far, CDN Solutions Group has developed and delivered the following web-based and mobile applications for the restaurant and food industry-

Online food delivery only system

As young professionals move to big cities for education and work purposes, the need for online food delivery systems increases. We have developed one such solution that manages the delivery staff, the customers, and all other pieces of the food-delivery puzzle at one place.

Table booking system

We have built an effective table booking system that nullifies the hassle of table reservations in a restaurant. The application streamlines a restaurant's operations with online reservations to help their customers book a suitable place remotely with booking management, waiting list, and table statuses all displayed in real-time.

Restaurant POS solution

Our team at CDN Solutions has developed an interactive Point of Sale tools for the restaurant industry. Through 5 modules- User app, kitchen module, biller module, steward module, and manager console, the app works as a single system to handle all major operations in a restaurant business.

Online food ordering solution

We have developed a robust online food ordering solution that covers all aspect of food ordering like ratings and reviews, in-app payments, easy order placement, customer profiles, etc.

Food truck app

CDN Solutions recognized the growing popularity of food take away systems and built a food truck app that comes along with the option of takeaway. Customers get the ease of ordering through a smooth functioning mobile app and your business gets a needed boost!

Salad ordering app

For the health-conscious crowd, getting access to fresh and healthy salads regularly is a challenge. We identified this challenge and developed CMS and mobile apps that work to fulfill the need for gourmet salads regularly.

Restaurant finder apps

CDN Solutions has built effective restaurant finder apps with rich functionalities. Our apps can help you find the nearest restaurants by using your location. Moreover, the apps give you a peek into what the restaurants offer, their menu cards, and their rating and reviews, so that you make an informed decision.

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