Education Software Solutions

The Education industry worldwide is undergoing radical changes as a consequence of emerging technological innovations, student mobility, and government regulations among other factors. The Education industry is now shifting towards digital delivery of educational content as an effect of the growing popularity of mobile devices, social media, and easy, cost-effective access to the Internet.

This trend has brought in a huge demand for advanced and leading IT solutions for Education industry.

How IT has transformed the Education Industry

Generally, Educational sector holds on to its antique methods of teaching. But, lately, digital transformation has engulfed the industry completely, and we have witnessed the following trends as a result-

  • AR/VR/Mixed Reality bid adieu to traditional methods – Learning has become increasingly collaborative and interactive. Students are expected to engage in their lessons through the immersive experiences created by these reality-bending technologies.
  • Enhancing patient engagement through patient portals and management systems.
  • Devices as tools for Education – The concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has succeeded itself and educational institutions have started rolling out plans to provide their students access to PCs and laptops for effective learning.
  • Smart classrooms ditch chalkboards – Most of the educational institutions today replicate the ideas of the workplace into classrooms. Learning spaces have been redesigned to help students engage and collaborate better. Smartboards and smart desks, virtual field trips, etc., are all the concepts enhancing learning.
  • One size doesn't fit all – Through Personalized learning, education is being tailor-made to suit each student. Blended Learning is opening the gates for discovery-based instead of spoonfed learning methods.

CDN Solutions Group- Delivering Cutting-Edge Education Technology Solutions

Our experts in development and designing at CDN Solutions Group dedicate themselves to build breakthrough education software solutions for their clients all over the world. Be it mobile apps for education sector, e-learning solutions, or m-learning solutions, we are a company developing education apps that lead the way for technological innovation in the Education sector.

We have the following Education software solutions to our credit-

Learning Management systems

We have developed solutions that work with eLearning materials to save money and improve the effectiveness of learning. Our learning management systems are rich with features such as Recording training sessions, issuing reminders for recording sessions, audit-proofing, improving content availability, etc.

Solutions for Virtual Classrooms

We have developed holistic virtual classroom solutions that tackle all aspects of setting up and effectively maintaining a virtual classroom for enhancing the convenience of content delivery.

Cloud-based educational platform

Be it for higher education or corporate training, cloud-based learning solutions can highly enhance productivity and provide more effective learning solutions. We have developed an appealing platform that saves both time and money for its users and education providers alike.

Online Examination systems

An online examination system that saves time, paper, and money is the need of the hour for every educational institution. We have built similar systems that are secure and robust

E-learning platform for Childbirth

We created a standout application that provides childbirth education to expecting women. It is a platform that enables childbirth professionals and experts to impart their knowledge to pregnant women and their families.

Online Video Tutorial management solutions

It is important to recognize the gap in education when only in-classroom education is made available. We have heeded to the need of this generation for the round-the-clock availability of training material, and have delivered online educational platforms to our clients.


Our learning management systems comply with SCORM, the content standard that has regulated online educational content between developers and vendors. An LMS is of no use without quality standardized eLearning content.

Online School Management system

Channelised and proper communication leads to better feedback to the schools/colleges from students and their parents. Automation of processes leads to smooth operations in delivering education. Collaboration between all the parties involved like students, parents, and teachers creates an open environment and drives education towards excellence. We have mastered developing school management systems.

CDN Software Solutions is an education app development company that focuses on the needs of the learners and educational services providers and delivers solutions that are way ahead of their times. Our IT services for education are the reason behind our success as a leading IT solutions provider for the Educational sector.

"We can help you improve education services in your institution. Embrace technology, and join hands with CDN Software Solutions"