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We are harnessing the real potential of technology in the education sector by providing eLearning software solutions to make education available anywhere anytime.

Education Software Solutions

Avail Custom eLearning Solutions For Schools, Colleges, Coaching, And Other Education Institutions

Are you still practicing old-age education techniques? It’s time to re-think your education model. CDN Solutions Group leverages the power of technology to make education accessible anywhere anytime with powerful eLearning Development Solutions. We are a technology-driven educational software development company providing complete e-learning software platforms for educators, institutions, corporate training institutes, etc. Choose as per your need.

Learning management software

Avail of LMS software solution that works with eLearning stuff to lessen education cost cash and work on the adequacy of learning. Our LMS is rich with features like recording sessions, Notifications, reminders, and much more.

E-Learning Mobile Applications

We are a trusted eLearning app development company that develops feature-rich, easy-to-use education applications. These apps can help students of any age to learn from the comfort of their mobile phones.

Cloud-based educational platform

Avail of cloud-based eLearning platforms that increase productivity and enhance smart teaching regardless of whether the understudy is in higher education or corporate training.

Solutions for virtual classrooms

Avail comprehensive virtual classroom software solutions that tackle all parts of setting up and adequately keeping a virtual study hall for improving the convenience of content sharing.

E-Learning Portal system

We are a leading eLearning portal development company that develops easy-to-use eLearning portals for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutes.

Online examination systems

To save time, paper, money, and manpower avail of Online examination systems that have surpassed the expectations of all educational institutions. It is secure and safe as they are integrated with blockchain technology.

E-Learning platform for childbirth

For all those expecting women, avail eLearning platform for childbirth that allows you to get in touch with experts and professionals to get knowledge about the journey of conceiving till childbirth.


All our learning management systems are SCORM based. SCROM is a shareable content object reference model, which has a set of standards that should be followed for online education.

Online school management systems

We have developed online school management systems that may have three portals for teachers, students, and parents which provide an open environment for all. It helps in automating operations streamlined.

Online courses software

Online courses are in trend and many people found them useful as it is a time and cost-saving thing to opt for. We provide secure and feature-rich online education software development services at your budget.

Why Choose Us?

CDN Solutions Group is a 22-year-old leading eLearning Software Development Company. CDN’s education software development services let you reach the utmost learning outcomes from your eLearning practices. With the support of our personalized eLearning development solutions approach, big data, and other effective analytical tools digitally transform your educative environment We ensure customization and convenience to the customer's academic needs. Our eLearning app development solutions help you in securing all private data and information by developing the most secure apps. Hire eLearning App Developer from CDN who is synonymous with excellence to avail the following:

24*7 Availability

Extensive experience

Budget-friendly hiring models

Personal Developer

End-to-end Assistance

100% Customer satisfaction

Hire Education Software Developer

Build an exceptionally inventive, interactive, and two-way engaging learning management system for schools and e-learning platforms with our education software developer. We have a team of expert developers who are capable enough of developing online learning management systems. CDN is an award-winning E-learning app development company and our app developers are highly skilled and efficient in developing all types of custom eLearning apps. Our developers follow agile approach to provide seamless integration services.

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We have a plethora of eLearning App Development Solutions:
  • Online training apps
  • Library apps
  • AR/VR-based education apps
  • Animated eLearning apps
  • Online coaching apps
  • Education gaming apps
  • Kids riddle apps
  • Vocabulary apps
  • Online examination apps
  • College and universities apps, etc

The cost to develop an eLearning app depends upon which type of app you are required, what features you wish to add, and on what platform or technology you want to develop it.

Both web, software, and apps will work for you to know more about it in detail you have to schedule a discussion with our eLearning expert. Fill in your requirement here: