Team Augmentation

Are you seeking to add expert IT resources that can help you to deliver projects smoothly?

Team Augmentation

Staff/Team Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation Services from CDN Solutions Group can give critical skillsets to your business or IT goals, filling holes in your present team and giving the best staffing solutions that will help guarantee your technology activities stay up with your business needs.

With IT Staff Augmentation Services from CDN Solutions Group, you can:

  • Access affirmed IT experts including Project Managers, Architects, Systems/Business Analysts, Software Developers, and Infrastructure Specialists and that's just the beginning
  • Gain skillsets for your IT activities and operations
  • Benefit from project-explicit delivery expertise
  • Support your IT tasks

Our IT Staff Augmentation Solutions

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Project Delivery

Getting your project finished on time takes a varied talent base and you can draw from our pool of master team members to help you own it to consummation. A portion of our specialists include.

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Project Managers

Carrying broad confirmation and industry knowledge, our undertaking managers are prepared to oversee and actualize a scope of venture types.

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How does your IT environment serve your organization or a business? Our draftsmen and architects will work with your organization's administration and IT staff to decide the ideal setup that will uphold your project objectives.

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Systems/Business Analysts:

Our analysts are accessible to increase the value of your activities by recognizing genuine prerequisites and suggesting solutions, permitting you to proactively remain on top of things concerning your technology tasks.

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Software Developers

From web and mobile application creation through combination and system uphold, our developers and designers are prepared to deal with all of your application improvement requirements.

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Infrastructure Specialists:

When you need extraordinary administration and backing for your IT framework, our experts are accessible to guarantee that your infra works productively and delivers an incentive to your association.

Process of hiring:

We at CDN have always believed in long-term association. Based on this, a major part of the employees we have are associated with us for more than 5 years. We believe in doing simple things differently. Hence our recruitment process is also very simple yet very effective and we can onboard quality candidates who match our requirements. Step-by-step process:

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Getting the exact JD of the requirement from the Development teams.

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Understanding the JDs and dividing the requirements among the HR team so that every person in HR is responsible for his/her alignment.

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Resourcing is done through various portals, through our website and if necessary takes the help of the consultancy agency as well to fill the gap of resources.


The recruitment process is very simple with just 3 rounds, The first round is purely technical, if the candidate clears the first technical round, he needs to face the final technical round and then the HR round. In case of different locations will do the video interview for the shortlisted candidate.


The candidate is given proper feedback at the end of each round and updated about the next round.


Once all the rounds are cleared, then the candidate has explained all the HR policies in detail. The SLA will be given to the candidate so that we both will be committed to each other.


After The SLA has been signed reporting will be finalised.


Last will do the onboarding process of the candidate.

Performance & Appraisal:

Performance 1.


Evaluating the skills of staff and improving them: Weekly review process in which a review of each employee is done based on his performance. If he is doing things better, he gets a good review. If he lacks somewhere in technology, he is given training so that he can bridge the gap. Apart from the technical review, an HR review is also done based on his punctuality, availability, attitude, team player, and team communication. If lacks in this category, he is groomed to improve on these.

In case of non-involvement in any project at a certain time, the employee is guided to learn and improve his skill set in some associated technology which would add to his profile and he would be more feasible for the projects

Appraisal 2.


In the Appraisal process, we work towards identifying, noticing, estimating, and creating human execution in associations. The identification process involves determining what areas to focus on, including identifying performance dimensions and developing rating scales. Performance appraisals provide the basis for a variety of personnel actions, such as training, salary increases, layoffs, and terminations.

Experiencing a Skills Gap in Your Project? 3.

Experiencing a Skills Gap in Your Project?

With a scope of specialists to look over, CDN Solutions Group can assist with increasing your IT staff on a case-by-case basis. Whatever kind of help you require, we have the staffing expansion solution to get you where you need to go.

At the point when you're short of an essential skillset to get your undertaking delivered, trust the technology specialists to help fill the gap.

Elevate your projects with Team Augmentation for unparalleled success!