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How to Create Google 360 Street View of Your Business?


Google 360 degree street view is a great source to gain visibility for your business. We all know, Google is the most used search engine, and in this virtual world, we can connect to our clients and customers only via digital sources.

In a study, we find that, when searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time. Google 360 street view build trust for your business in consumers mind. You can actually double the impact of your maps listing by adding Google 360 degree Street View.
Checklist Before Creating Google 360 Degree Street View
To create Google 360 degree street view video for your business, you need a website with complete address details and a verified Google Business page. […] Continue Reading…

Search Engine Optimization do’s and don’ts of 2017


You can polish your site with the help of the below dos and don’ts tactics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2017. SEO has changed with times and apply best practices on website and mobile app will keep you ahead of competitors always.

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Streamline your work with Workflow management system


With the rise of competition it has become mandatory for your business to be smarter and more productive. And this is possible only if the workflow of your people and your business is streamlined. This is where a Workflow management system comes into action. Now what exactly is a workflow management system? As the name suggests it is a system that manages or automates your scattered business right from day to day activities to dealing with customers, in a proper flow. It helps you plan, map and coordinate all the activities of your business. So does businesses of all sizes should have a workflow management system? The answer is No not necessarily. It depends upon the nature of business […] Continue Reading…

How Information Technology has Reformed Agriculture


We are in mid of 2017 and many new technologies and trends are introduced in this year and is still counting. We are a technology lover and crazy talking about information technology. So here we will share our views on how information technology has transformed Agriculture sector. While some people might think that IT is only connected with powerful modern gadgets, Agriculture sector has not remain untouched. Today IT plays a vital role for decision making in Agriculture.

Along with improving the efficiency of farmer’s productivity in agriculture and various activities; the contribution of IT in improving life of farmers by providing timely data for decision making, is remarkable. We all know that agriculture is an important and crucial sector […] Continue Reading…

How can Information Technology Contribute in FMCG Sector


Fast moving consumer goods is the talk of the town. FMCG industry is the most wide spread industry of the world, that deals with the production, packaging, distribution and marketing of consumer goods like stationery, glassware, paper products, household products, plastic goods, food and dairy products including packaged food products, consumer electronics, hardware and sanitary products, and many more. Not to mention the consumers of FMCG is the population around the globe. With consumers inclining towards the technology day by day, it has become necessary for the FMCGs to adopt information technology to reach their targeted audience.

Some of the very reputed FMCG companies like Coca Cola, Britannia, Pepsi, L’Oreal, Nestle, etc. Has look upon information technology as a mandatory […] Continue Reading…

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