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Virtual Medi Consultant – GP Consultations through online video 

A Health Care Project

Are you in need to take consultation regarding health? Want pre scription? Any kind of Fit note? Or simply a consolation? “ABCD” is a one-stop solution to ease your problem.

What Virtual Medi Consulting does?

Due to Covid19 Pandemic, things have become troublesome. Doctors and specialists find themselves helpless to provide sufficient medical care to patients in some zones. This in turn building pressure on our NHS. To reduce the pressure on NHS and to help GP practices and various hospitals we at Virtual Medi Consulting come with unique online video consultations for patients.

Secrecy is kept up, footfall will be decreased and DNA's will gradually decline. At the same time assisting the clinician with decreasing administration or admin services. The major advantage of it is we can maintain social distancing and will significantly reduce the spreading of coronavirus through a fewer number of interactions.

In this way, it helps everyone, patients, all types of GP surgeries, Hospitals and Partners, Organisations, and their teams to connect with CEOs, MDs, in a blink of an eye through a mobile, laptop via online video, which was our main motto.

Process And Availability

To get the appointment you have to wait for 2-3 weeks on average. We at Virtual Medi Consulting provide 24 hours access worldwide and help people to solve their anxieties and will provide immediate cure.

Established by Doctors we are likewise here to help GP medical procedures and the NHS.

We are here to help you.