Survey On App is developed to help organizations’ staff, employees, and customers take surveys without spending a single penny.

Survey App Development - Streamline, Organize And Evaluate The Work Of Staff “Because Surveys Shows Surveys Never Lies”

The boom of mobile applications is a positive move for information and data collection. Applications don't simply make surveys more "dynamic"; they additionally permit individuals to supply various sorts of data that may be more earnestly to assemble in customary telephone or email surveys.

CDN’s Survey apps are those mobile applications that permit users to take surveys/reviews on the web. Indeed, these are the information or data collection applications. The surveys are made, planned, and overseen electronically by organizations for their work.

Furthermore, this platform empowers the survey conductor to get an end user's viewpoint on the act of spontaneity later on.

Key Features Of Survey Application Product

We have tried to add features that prompt a response every time and provide rich insights for you.

No register and login required

Survey lists

Multiple choice question-answers

Admin can create own questionse

Users can reattempt the question before submitting it.


This Survey conducts at one location/company at a time

Custom application – text colour and theme colour can be changed.

Easy-to-use interface.

Core Functionalities of Survey Apps


Empathise 1.

Collects information like Top Survey, Report Charts, and Recent News

Define the problem 2.

Survey section 'Active surveys' and 'Completed surveys' offer deep analysis report

Define the problem 3.

Report chart collects

Define the problem 4.

Export report in CSV format

Define the problem 5.

Recent News section that shows upcoming and running surveys


Empathise 1.

List of the survey with information and different operations to perform

Define the problem 2.

Add new surveys under different categories like assessment, education, event, feedback, healthcare, hospitality, inspection, lead capture, miscellaneous, research, and retail

Define the problem 3.

Add questions for the survey

Application Settings

Custom mobile application

Customize the application look and feel like background and text colors

Benefits Of Survey Apps

No wonders most organizations are data-driven today. Consumer surveys and market research becomes an integral part of every business, and without proper data, no business may stop beating. Survey apps are blessings to gather this informative data. Few more benefits of using survey apps.

Quick Results in Real-Time

Easy on Pockets

Data Accuracy Level – High!

Strengthen Customer Base

Customer Satisfaction Score

Ease of Designing the Questionnaire

Remote area accessibility

Higher response rates

Why Choose CDN Solutions Group?

Are you interested in complete survey app solutions? Empower your managers to implement the actions that will create better experiences for your customers or staff after receiving informative data through surveys and for that you have to get in touch with CDN.

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