Lendstar is the social financial network for all your transactions – whether you want to borrow, collect, share or transfer money.

The app documents all processes & thereby helps you to maintain an overview. The uncomfortable parts of communications pertaining money, such as reminding your best friend that he still owes you €50, is done for you by Lendstar. Lendstar offers an impressively seamless way to send money directly from mobile to mobile. It’s an app to send & receive money among friends. User can also borrow money & send it back to their friends on their phone

Our Approach to the Solution

CDN Solution provides a solution in terms of Social Financial Networking. This system allows the users to send money to friends, borrow money from them, split costs with friends using this application and even pay invoices whenever required. All the processes and hassles can be avoided as all the transaction data is saved in the one place. A user would not have to go through any of the inconvenience of maintaining a record of his details. The system does it all.

Lendstar is a system that provides users with full functionality in terms of sharing money and other services under one roof. Data Protection, Safety and Encryption of the data are some of our top priority.

Client Requirements

Due to the emerging market, more hassle free handling is the need of the hour in terms of finances and transactions. Lendstar offers easy options for sharing finances with friends over the application or even directly through bank accounts. Below mentioned are the challenges that were faced during the development for a resourceful application like Lendstar:


Pertaining due amount from a friend usually can be uncomfortable or inconvenient.

To avoid the inconvenience for the user, the application will notify the friend of the user to pay back the amount if not paid in certain duration. This notification process will take place via SMS or Email. User can also raise an issue in the support section of the application if he doesn’t receive the due amount.

All at One

Its chaotic for the user to maintain different applications for different purposes like borrowing money, lending money, splitting bills etc.

Lendster allows the user to have all the facilities at one stop. This system will provide all the features integrated. From sending money to repaying money everything can be achieved using this solution.


Maintaining the records and databases of transactions related to finances can be very disorganised and troublesome. This might also result in loss of important details.

This application maintains the data related to user of all the transactions that he has done, he can access the records at any time he wishes to.

Direct Banking

Transactions done directly via bank accounts of the users will increase the ease for the users. The security of the transactions and their details is also a huge priority.

Bank APIs can be used to fetch the data of the transactions that are done directly via bank accounts. This will be highly confidential and secured.

Business Integration

Bills and Invoices to be paid directly via application.

The business should be integrated with the application, in turn improving the flexibility of the system. The data related to the purchases will be recorded by the application completely.

Share Expenses

Expenses and bills to be shared among a group of friends or colleagues.

The bills and statement can be split between people belonging to a group. Each would have their own certain share of amount which would sum up to the total. This can be executed in cases where the account will be maintained for a long term also.

Business Benefits

  • Revamp the sending & receiving of money amongst friends, makes the scene of sharing money efficient.
  • User Reliability increases with data confidentiality and protection.
  • System responsible for additional features such as splitting costs, paying invoices as well as sharing money even without actually registering in the system.
  • No chaos of making accounts and handling statements of several transactions.
  • Partnerships with banks and shops that will permit the system to sync the user data of their transactions.

Salient Features

  • Money can be sent by a user to his friends. This transfer can take place from user’s bank account to the friend’s bank account, or even a friend from the contact list of the user.
  • Users can borrow money from their friends using the application whenever in need and can return accordingly.
  • A user can lend money to a friend using this application, whenever a friend is in need. The friend would return the amount in some pre-decided time duration, they would receive mails or text messages to remind them for the repayment.
  • Money can be called in advance, user can claim their prearranged money using this system
  • There can be mobile data top ups done using this application. User can choose a provider and complete the recharge.
  • Fetching of money can be done for a specific occasion or an event, user can create a group where all the users would collect money for a reason or occasion.
  • Bills & Expenses can be divided among a group of friends or different users per person. Everyone in the group would contribute their share to pay the bills. This can be done anywhere, at a restaurant, cinemas, etc.
  • User can choose to pay for invoices directly through this application. The details of the shopping and invoices will be recorded by the system.
  • Money can be transferred by a user using this system, with no need to register in the system or make an account. A Paylink form can be created, through which the user can share money with other users.

Technologies used in the Application

The web application is built in PHP using.

  • PHP – HMVC based Framework(Backend CMS)
  • PHP – Rest API's
  • Database – MySql
  • HTML, Ajax, Jquery, JavaScript(Backend CMS)

The mobile application for iOS is developed using.

  • Objective C
  • Xcode (IDE + Simulator + Instrument/Profiling)
  • IOS 9.0-11.0.1

The mobile application for Android is developed using.

  • IDE : Android studio
  • Programming Language : Java for Native development
  • Android OS 3.0-5.0
  • Simulator: AVD (Android virtual device), genymotion