Enjoy Homemeade cusines and social companies in far localities



We met our client in an IT event. The system is an Australia based “Airbnb for food” or “Foodbnb” for people who love homemade food and meeting new people.

The platform connects travelers with on-the-ground hosts for the ultimate authentic and unique dining experience. Tourists can find events where they would get cuisines of their choice and a company of people with similar interests.


  • The client wanted an app that's intended for everyone who always wanted to utilize and showcase their cooking talent but could not make it happen. With the help of this app, they wanted to provide people with a platform which would enable them to become a host, cook food and invite people for dining at their places.
  • Along with this, they also wanted an app that can help tourists in discovering events for homemade dining and social get together with people of same interests in far places.
  • The key objective of the app was focused to create an environment that's friendly, social, exciting and would bring tourists and locals together.

Saliant Features

Dining Inn is a system developed by us with the focus on connecting like-minded people over food. We have developed an iOS and Android application with a Backend. Two main sections of the system would be “Be a host”, “Be a guest”. We have majorly looked into the interests of the users as per his choice of company and cuisines. With Dining Inn Food sharing has become simple and enjoyable and also allows users to earn extra money through the system.

Salient Features


User can choose to be a host, which would let them host a meal for other Dining Inn users according to their preferences of cuisine and company


User can choose to be a guest and then he would be able to visit some other users of this system. They can add their choice of food and company that he would like to have meal with.


The total bookings made in the system, by users for being a guest or host can be viewed by the admin of the system.

Cuisine Categories

Users can manage his choice of cuisine and enter his preferences of food only to pay for whatever interests him.


There are different choices for events in the system, based on user preferences, such as Social Dining, Every day dining, take away, etc.

Support Tickets

Users can raise tickets for support from the system whenever they encounter any problem


Host can provide service such as setting the dining menu and manage cuisine details. Service type can also be defined such as Meal for one or Dining with companion.


Payment can be made through various means such as PayPal or Credit / Debit card. An order can also be cancelled and the amount will be refunded to his account ASAP.

Chat with service provider

User can chat with a service provider if he has any queries, he can send a request and if accepted he can go ahead and solve his doubts.

technology Stack

  • Amazon EC2 Server Instance / Stand Alone dedicated Server.
  • Apache
  • Amazon S3 Static content Storage Engine / Local Storage engine.
  • PHP Code Ignitor
  • NodeJS, Socket.IO, Forever, PM2
  • MySQL or Postgres
  • Nginx Load Balancer