Fully Integrated Solution For The Biggest Convenience Retail Chain

NightOwl - A retail POS system


This system is a franchise system of convenience stores. This system allows users to search for stores nearby, look out for offers, apply for competitions, redeem loyalty points and earn rewards. These deals and offers would increase sale and growth of the system. The sole purpose of this system is to bring forward more and more users, maintain healthy communication and offer them with rewards for their Loyalty to the system.


  • To collect Payment from customers and track all the sales and records.
  • To manage complete inventory without manual records .
  • To update the stock level automatically depending on the time sold.
  • To keep a check of Customer’s records, to enhance customer experience by serving individual needs.


Night Owl is a comprehensive system with mobile app, POS System, KIOSK as well as backend CMS System, that lets you as the user come across nearest stores and redeem Loyalty Points. We provide you with features like profile creation for personal info database of customers, there’s an option of product catalogue developed for recording inventory and the status. We have integrated various method of payment to simply user experience such as Eftpos, Mastercard, VISA etc. These reward points will be awarded to customers for being active within the system.

Salient Features


This is a reward program which is offered by the application to the users who frequently use it. It can either give the user access to new products, special sales coupons etc.

Email direct marketing

EDM(Email direct marketing) Messages often include mechanisms that provide the sender with feedback on the effectiveness of a campaign, by making it possible to track metrics such as the number of messages that were opened, the number of clicks that were generated from a message etc.


are the bluetooth low energy proximity sensing devices which is used to transmit the push notification to the users device about the offers set by the manager for a set range. If user enters in that range, he will get the notification on the device about the running offer.

Referral codes

User can send referral code to invite a friend by email or by SMS. When the friend of the user will install the application, they can enter the referral code during the sign up process. As the friend will sign up in the system, the user will earn some points through it.

Social Share

There are different choices for events in the system, based on user preferences, such as Social Dining, Every day dining, take away, etc.

Log Actions

Users can raise tickets for support from the system whenever they encounter any problem


let user to avail various offers in different areas like offers & deals, combo offers, special offers etc.

technology Stack

  • Plugins : EFTPOS,POSTEC, Afterpaytouch
  • Technology :- .Net
  • UI Development :- WPF
  • Development IDE :- Visual Studio 2015
  • Language :- C#.
  • OS :- Windows 7 and onwards