Our client is one of the fastest growing shopping mall headquartered in Bahrain. It has three major divisions for businesses to open their stores: Products, Services, and Offers.

CDN software Solutions developed a mobile application and website for the client. It enables businesses whether individuals or entrepreneurs with an intuitive platform to create a strong online presence and reach target audiences.


Our client was passionate about revolutionalizing the market trends and boosting the economy. He was aimed at creating a one-stop-shop where individuals could find everything they need. The idea was to reach and serve as many people as possible. To help him fulfill his dreams, our team was required to work around the following:

  • Develop a virtual e-store that would help businesses gain visibility, and sell products & services online.
  • Integrate shipping solution that would not only generate a report to update e-store about the shipment but also notify the customer about the shipping via email.
  • Integrate payment gateway to enable customers with the option for online payment.
  • Link vendors' website with the application internally so that the vendors can directly add/update products/services.
  • Add a feature to manage a large number of online transactions.


We created a result-oriented strategy to develop the best solution for our client that would serve all the needs. We built both web and mobile application that offers endless possibilities to all its users. The mobile application is compatible with all android as well as iOS devices.

The solution we built enables all the vendors, selling products or services to easily build an online presence in the Bahraini market. It's a one-stop-online-mall offering everything in one place. The application is user-interactive and easy to navigate. It offers following authority to its different category of users:


  • Customers can search and buy products and services they need.
  • They can find vendors' contact details.
  • Customers can register and create their profile.
  • They can buy products & services online.

Vendors/Service Providers-

  • They can easily register to the application
  • Upon creating the profile, they can start adding & selling their offering.
  • They can manage everything related to store and users online.

Super Admin/Owner-

  • The Super Admin can manage and track everything related to the vendors and customers online.

The application offers multiple benefits to all its users:

  • Buy and Sell online 24*7.
  • Quick and easy buying, and selling option.
  • Vendors need not set up a physical store.
  • Customers can compare products/services offered by different vendors without visiting their physical stores.
  • Owner and vendors can easily manage everything related to sales and users easily.

Technology Stack


Vendors can add their products and services in a suitable category.


Vendors can show up and highlight their products and services with advertising.


Vendors can run offers on different products and services for which they need more sales. These offers would show up under “Today Deals Offers”. Based on the customers' clicks, they would also show up under “ Most Visited Offers”.


Customers can select the currency they want to make payment in.


Users can change the language of application in which they want to see it.


Customers can sort the listed product or services by price, position, and name.


Customers can select the number of items they want to see on a single page.

Best Selling

Customers can see the best selling product/service on the app and its vendor.


Customers can read and add reviews before and after purchasing respectively.

Subscription Package

Super Admin can manage subscription package for all the vendors.


Super Admin can manage refund processes for customers.

Push Notifications

Users will receive notification about special offers and discounts.


Customers can add products & services to the wishlist to bookmark them for future purchases.


All the users' data including confidential details used for the online transaction is encrypted.

technology Stack