All industries that require set procedures for manufacturing or operating a business face issues such as finalizing a step by step manual that is customised differently for its employees- from the highest level of manager to the on-field operator, documenting this manual, and distributing it within the industry. Especially skilled jobs demand that the workforce be given a rigorous training, and many organizations invest a lot of resources in executing the same time and again. A slight change in the pre-decided user manual would then require undertaking the whole process from scratch. This clearly demands a better and flexible way to diminish this grueling activity. At present, many factories and manufacturing units document their methods and routines on paper, which, owing to the development on the Technological front, is in no way efficient. To tackle this scenario, CDN Solutions have built an integrated tool with all the features that a Procedure Writing tool must be equipped with. DesertFire is the one-stop application to address all aforementioned complications.


  • Making the documentation process smoother and faster when visual representation was a need.
  • Ensuring the data was comprehensive without any loophole for human mistakes.
  • Easing out the process of note-drafting, reviewing and publishing of instructions.
  • Ensuring that all employees within an organization followed the guidelines published.
  • Enabling the management to keep track of the operators who followed(or not) the user manual.
  • Drastically increasing the efficiency in updating, maintaining, and distributing the guidelines tailor-made for all in the hierarchy.
  • Reducing manual errors in the process that often lead to discrepancies.


CDN Solution's skilled team developed a winning solution for Procedure Management that lets its users to seamlessly create, update, review, and publish guidelines for its employees.

An exhaustive question bank allows the Author to integrate all of the information into the database, which in turn leads to the entirety of data leaving no scope for mistakes.

DesertFire has all the features that the veteran OneNote application has and more!

With the development focused on the requirement, we ended up making the best in the market of workflow automation. The solution is built to be cross-platform so that it is accessible on multiple devices.

Capabilities such as capturing visual aids like videos and images, editing them to be suited to needs, and enriching them with text instructions form the winning strategy of the application.

The application allows the workforce in an industry to stick to an established course, rather than wandering off the guidelines which often leads to quality issues.


  • A robust solution to improve the efficiency of the employees, and thereby of the organization as a whole.
  • Employees become more productive owing to the clarity and flawlessness of the data.
  • A wholesome application that fulfills all requirements of data gathering, editing, presenting, updating, and making it available to the end users.
  • Hassle-free management of digital data with a secure and robust application.
  • Easier modifications of Operational Processes within an organization.
  • Lesser overall expenditure as training the workforce is elementary to achieve.


For the Author of a document

  • The author can skim through an interview plan to collect all of the required information with consistency.
  • The ability to organize the notes and visual media (images, videos, tables, charts) according to questions for better navigation and understanding.
  • Automatic conversion from rough draft to printed digital text.
  • The media captured on the device can be further edited and captioned for increased coherence.
  • Use the available standard templates and formats to publish online and/or print the information, or create your own.
  • Faster document creation with an instant review from SMEs through a collaborative platform.

For the user of a document

  • Functionality to play a video with a time delay or selectively viewing topics out of a guidebook.
  • Any updates in the existing content are highlighted for the first ten times a user views it leading to conformity to updated standards and procedures.
  • Users can rate and review the quality of content on the basis of its ease of understanding and quality.
  • Frequently required data can be marked for faster access every time.
  • Procedures can be accessed within the local network along with remote accessibility.

For the System Owner

  • The system owner can choose the format to which the document will be published.
  • Designate Authors to specific documents and monitor their work.
  • Publish documents for training users in any corner of the world.
  • Track end users by their site of work, the area of work, the processes they've undertaken, and their productivity.

Technologies used in the Application

  • The web application is built using MVC 5.0, the latest ASP.NET MVC technology which is used to create highly dynamic websites.
  • The desktop Windows-based application is developed using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and C#.
  • The output to the tablet is built using Microsoft-owned Xamarin's cross-platform software that simplifies application development.