Communication with Bluetooth enabled watch devices



Coolfire is an application that allows communication with Bluetooth enabled watch devices. There can be various activities performed using the application such as Changing Music, Clicking Pictures, Receiving of Messages and also Email Alerts. The application allows users to connect with Smart Watch devices using Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol.

Client Requirements

The idea behind this app is to help the deaf and hearing
impaired with their day-to-day activities. Below mentioned are some of the requirements / challenges from client side that we met while developing the system:

  • Connecting Iphone Application with the smart watch using BLE Protocol.
  • Controlling actions like changing music, clicking pictures, receiving mails & messages.
  • Receive Notifications for incoming Emails & Text Messages.
  • Cellular Connectivity.
  • To display data such as Call Logs, Messages & Emails.

Our Approach to the Solution

CDN Solutions Group delivers solution in terms of wearable technology that somehow allow the users to connect to a smart watch using this application, to control some functions such as changing music, clicking pictures and receive notifications etc. To diminish the dependency on the cell phones and promote the usage of wearable technology in the current times, this application can be solution to more than one requirement at a time. From Notifications to taking pictures and controlling music related key operations can be taken care of by this achieved solution.

Business Benefits

  • Can identify the only device it needs to connect to using Bluetooth.
  • Send out Time, Time Zone and Calendar data to Smart-watch.
  • Find iPhone (within a certain range of distance) using Smart-watch.
  • Send ‘Alert’ to Smart-watch for incoming calls on iPhone.
  • Can access the Phonebook and identify the caller.
  • Can distinguish among e-mails, SMS, MMS, and Facebook notifications etc.
  • Allows Smart-watch to manage camera of the iPhone remotely.
  • Allows Smart-watch to forward/backward/pause/play songs on iPhone.

Salient Features

Bluetooth Connectivity

Wireless Technology Connectivity via Coolfire Application with smart watch devices to control actions using the watch with no dominance of phone.

Find iPhone

A missing iPhone can be located using the GPS that will help in tracking the location using the Coolfire Application. The phone can be locked remotely and the data can be erased for safety purposes.

Manage Camera

The application will allow users to take pictures and record videos. There is a chip-board attached in the watch that allows this functionality to happen.

Daylight Saving Time Status

The status of Daylight Saving can also be viewed using the Coolfire application.


A combination of software & hardware that will allow receiving of text messages or Emails. There can be different types of notifications such as SMS, Email, MMS or Facebook Notifications.


The application Coolfire takes the access of user’s phonebook to get all the contacts and make any calls or messages to other users.

Technologies used in the Application

  • Objective C
  • Mac OS 10.10.1
  • XCode 6.0 Targeting iPhone Devices iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6+


  • CoreBluetooth
  • CoreLocation

Results Achieved

  • Coolfire application allows users to connect smartwatch devices via BLE Protocol.
  • The status of Daylight Saving can be accessed at any time.
  • Pictures can be clicked as well as videos can be recorded without actually having to operate the phone.
  • Several activities can be controlled using application, such as
    1. Change music
    2. Receive notifications; Emails, SMSs.
    3. Find iPhone
    4. Alert for Incoming Calls
    5. Camera Operations