A Mobile App For 24x7 Travel Safety And Emergency Assistance

Get Covered For Your Foreign Trip with Insurance and Instant Emergency Assistance


Our client is one of Australias most trusted and awarded underwriter. It covers over one million people with a personal accident, health and travel insurance in more than 200 countries.

CDN Software Solutions built a mobile app to help our client in serving more and more people who travel out of the country. The e-tool we developed has enabled our client in providing immediate travel, medical and emergency assistance to people in need.


Our client was concerned about the health and safety of people. They were aimed at using their knowledge and expertise to help people avoid loses. This is why they offer insurance for multiple situations and also gives advice about the best fit. But, they were also aware of the hazards that can occur anytime in anyone's life, specially when people visit some other country. So they chose CDN Software Solutions to create an app which could not only help people to buy insurance online but also assist them in emergency situations. To provide the best possible solution, we work around the following:

  • Develop an intuitive mobile app that makes it easy for users to contact in case of emergency and get assistance.
  • Build a currency converter that calculates the value of currency for the selected country.
  • Create a world explorer module that would provide all the necessary information a traveler must know about a country.
  • Create automatic travel alert that would warn users if any unfavorable condition is detected at their place of visit.
  • Make it easy for the client to track customers so that it's possible to serve individual needs.
  • Add auto notifying feature that asks customers about their health and in case of no response it notifies everyone whose numbers are added to the emergency contact list.


We developed a native mobile app for iOS and Android. It provides emergency services to people while traveling or when they are engaged in some recreational activities. With the use of this app, our client is able to assist all its users in situations like a medical emergency, natural disaster, political unrest, lost passport, political unrest and more. Whenever any customer is in need of help, they may directly give a call and get connected to the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC). Hence, customers directly get access to doctors and security professionals available to provide immediate help.

Salient Features


It tracks customer and if they are found outside fenced location, they are notified whether the location is safe for them or not.

Emergency Contacts

Users can add contact number of people whom they would want to contact in case of emergency or trouble.

Find an Embassy

Users can find a comprehensive list of reliable embassies in their nearby location and contact them for help.

Important Document

It enables users to store their personal data like ID proofs, passport & photos for use in foreign countries.

Find a Health Provider

Users can easily find doctors, dentists, clinics, & hospitals in their reach.

Contact AHI Dr. Now

In case of medical emergency, users can contact AHI Dr immediately.

Call AHI Assist

If users are stuck in any kind of emergency situation, they can directly get help from AHI assist.


  • Now our client is able to help people in an enhanced manner.
  • Now users can get pre-travel advice before they move to some other country.
  • People are not alone in foreign countries. In an emergency situation they can directly contact AHI for assistance.
  • Users are safe in other countries as they are being tracked and will be notified immediately whenever any health, military or weather issue occur.s
  • Users are able to search places, embassy, doctors, & clinics in a foreign country with the help of mapping.
  • The app provides assistance with lost or delayed baggage, flight cancellation, & submission of claim.
  • Travelers can get replacement for lost or stolen passport.