About the Suruche

Suruche is a domestic division of CDN Solutions Group. Suruche specializes in web and mobility solutions that are designed and developed to handle the needs of businesses in India.

The person behind the name Suruche - SURajit Mitra & CHEtan Naik, who are also the Founder and Co-Founder of CDN Solutions Group. They both want to directly contribute to the Digital India theme with their 20+ years of experience in information and technology, so they thought why to not open a separate domestic division of CDN Solutions Group and let make our most skilled and talented team available to work for India business industry to make IT more innovative. So to show our heartfelt commitment towards the betterment of the Indian IT scenario, we have launched this domestic subsidiary of our entity.

Suruche is not your average web and mobility service provider partner, hiring Suruche is like gaining a premium design studio, ace development team, a decisive business consultant, marketing guru, project manager – all in one.

Suruche is not just another venture but it will serve as a source of aspiration and hope for the Indian IT market with the CDN's values and determination flowing in its veins.

Persons behind Suruche

Surajit Mitra
Chetan Naik

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