Xamarin app development company

XAMARIN and its Increasing Demand for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Xamarin app development company

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a software company that was founded back in 2011 and recently got acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Technically, Xamarin is a tool used for developing cross-platform applications. It offers tools to directly build Android, iOS as well as Windows apps with Visual Studio. These tools are provided as a built-in part of the IDE. Xamarin is easy to adapt as most of the code is written in C#. Hence, there is no need to learn objective C, Java or Swift to build apps. Xamarin is also known to support wearable devices. Xamarin is based on C# programming technology and can be used in the cross-platform mobile app development for Android, iOS and Windows. Xamarin apps are built with native UI and APIs to deliver better performance.

Developing a mobile app can turn out to be an expensive and long process. With the advent of new technology Xamarin, cross-platform mobile app development has become quite easy and prompt. Based on the concept of Write once, Run anywhere (WORA), Xamarin has become a preferred framework for iOS app development, Android app development and Windows app development owing to the fact it allows development of apps for multiple platforms using single programming language.

Why Xamarin is Becoming Popular for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Xamarin is something that is making developers task easier. It provides tools that can be directly used to build cross-platform mobile applications that will perform similarly as the platform’s native app. It will not only have all the features of a native app but can also share the common codebase. It allows you to use almost any Android or iOS API in C# with the Xamarin tools.

User Interface

Now, let’s talk about its UI. It’s true that you can use the common codebase. But, you’ll need to build separate UI for different platforms and ultimately merge it with the common codebase. This platform specific UI code layer provides the best user experience because the app would perform and look native on any platform.

Xamarin Forms

But, there’s even another way through which you can use similar UI for all the different platforms. It’s called ‘Xamarin Forms’. It’s a separate product which allows you to build single UI for different platforms, all at once. This means you would be able to share 100 percent of the code across different platforms.

Additional Benefits

  • With Xamarin, your app will have all the native-level functionality without the need for hardware compatibility.
  • It also supports linking with native libraries for better customization.
  • Xamarin SDK, runtime, libraries, and command line tools are all open source and available for all as a part of Visual Studio.
  • Application maintenance and updating are easier because the changes or updates you deploy to the source file will automatically get applied to all the cross-platform apps. This not only keeps your apps updates but also saves you time and money.

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