Why IoT Will Grab Much Attention at CeBIT 2016 Hannover?

Internet of Things (IoT) in itself is a very huge concept and plays a key role in the future development. The theme of CeBIT 2016 is Digitalization and the digitalization process depends on the Internet of things and large scale integration.

With the help of IoT, the interaction of its users with processes, data and physical objects will be more relevant than before. According to the guesstimate of Harvard business review, around 28 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020.

IoT – One of the Key Technology for the Digital Future

According to a survey, everyday, more and more daily use items, products, machines from big range to small range, and every possible thing, that is able to fit with sensors and wireless chips are going to fitted and this will enable them to better communicate with each other.

At CeBIT 2016 Hannover, IBM will demonstrate the example of a “cruise ship company which has integrated all ship crew members and other employees using a smart cloud, thus optimizing cooperation throughout the firm” with the use of IoT.

On the other hand, one of the leaders in Telecommunication industry ‘Vodafone’ will also give CeBIT visitors a foretaste of its future 5G mobile telephony network, designed to reach speed of more than 10 gigabits per second and provide for real-time response.

Why IoT Will Grab Much Attention at CeBIT 2016 Hannover?

So overall, at CeBIT, you will find the elastic nature of the great future Internet of things. Here are some fields in which IoT is playing a key role….

Automative and Logistic: – With the help of IOT & uniform networking standards, fully network vehicles and innovative solutions of logistical processes, will become possible to discover.

Smart Home and Building: – Internet of things applications will reduce costs and enhance safety.

Smart and Connected Health: – With the help of digital health information structure, such as body sensor networks, the IoT technology will provide remote treatments by applying diverse Internet of things technologies in sensors. So by that, individuals can participate in their own smart health care solutions.

In the coming years, computers and Internet will vanish from the view and in their place, smart objects will assist you at work places and everywhere, where it become possible. IoT solutions is one of the hottest topics which will no doubt gain attention at CeBIT Hannover 2016. If you are also one of the attenders at CeBIT Germany 2016, and your first choice is the ‘Internet of Things’. Please locate yourself at Hall 13 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Hannover, Germany during CeBIT 2016 from 14 to 18 March.

We at CDN Software Solutions Pvt Ltd are also exhibiting at CeBIT 2016 Hannover from last 4 years and this year we are very much excited to showcase our work in Internet of Things at CeBIT 2016. You can click here to see more details about our work in IoT. You can also contact us here to schedule a meeting with us at CeBIT Hannover 2016.


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