IT Project Management

Top IT Project Management Challenges And Their Solutions

Whether you are working on a big or a small project, brainstorming business ideas is not enough. Planning and executing those ideas is also important for which you’ll need to consider all the moving parts of IT operations. And, in the world of IT project management, IT project managers must be ready to tackle unique IT challenges.

Here are few IT Project Management challenges and advice on how to overcome them:

Changes and additions in the mid of project

Many a time it happens that project requirements changes in the mid of a project and mostly this happens with long projects. This results in delayed project execution date and end-user will not be satisfied with the commitments made by the project manager.

How to overcome this delay?

You must get your IT teams prepared for changes in the project at any stage. Because a highly agile team can adapt to changes easily and also deal with technology changes at any stage of the project.

Communication gap between the team

A lot of project fails due to poor communication among different teams working on the same project. Most of the time it is the result of teams working at remote locations which makes it difficult for project managers to collaborate with individuals and teams at different locations.

How to bridge this gap?

To protect the entire project from falling apart, effective communication is necessary which is possible only if the IT project managers communicate quickly with the other arms of the IT outsourcing companies to get the problems resolved.

Blurred delivery model

IT project managers make fake promises about the delivery model. The project requirements are different from the final product.

How to avoid such situations?

Project managers must be transparent enough with the client while discussing start date, delivery date, and quickly communicate every new change in the project including the deadline.

Managing the sheer number of stakeholders

There are many hurdles in IT project management but this is considered to be chief among them all. But why? Because it’s difficult for IT Project Manager to stay in touch with different stakeholders and fulfil their unique expectations altogether.

How to handle multiple stakeholders?

To handle different stakeholders including partners, vendors, and suppliers, make them feel being a part of the project by providing them all with the visibility into the project queue. Align them with the project strategy and allow them to engage with the project across every aspect so that they all are on the same page.

Lack of project management training

If the IT project manager doesn’t have sufficient training under their belt it’s but obvious that they won’t be able to handle the project at different levels. They’ll not even know how to handle a project if any unfavourable situations occur.

How to avoid such potential problems?

The best way to avoid problems that may arise due to lack of training, Project managers must take high-quality training which will not only help them overcome challenges but also help them head all aspects of an IT project along with their teams.

Assigning insufficient team

It’s often seen that just to get the project organization to lie about their teams’ efficiency. They assign the project to the workers who are available even if they don’t have the skill-set required for the project. Not only this, but they also confirm the deadline for the project. This forces less skilled ones to work on the project and the project goes on hold.

How can IT Project Manager get rid of it?

The project manager must make sure that the team working on a specific project are skilled enough to work on it. Because for completing a project skills are more important than the manpower.

Final thoughts on managing IT projects

Whether you are growing business or a larger organization with multiple ongoing commissioned projects, or if your business processes need to be streamlined and optimized, it is essential to get Managed IT services. These tips can help your IT Project Managers to manage critical situations easily. So now you are ready to focus your energy on project execution by prioritizing tasks, allocating resources and managing risks.

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