Top Delivery Apps That Can Consider During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Top Delivery Apps That Can Consider During The Coronavirus Outbreak

A quickly evolving wellbeing story broke in late December 2019 when a novel sickness or a critical illness starting in Wuhan, China made the news. Reports of the thousands of infected individuals swiftly rose, and cases that are isolated from this new coronavirus — named Covid19 by researchers — have shown up in various nations because of global travel. Due to which various countries have decided lockdown for social distancing because it is the only way that can help in controlling Coronavirus spread.

With the European countries like Italy having everything but came to a standstill in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and coming about the lockdown, food deliveries have taken on an unheard level of significance. Regardless of whether you’re just social distancing or you’re viewed as progressively vulnerable against genuine complications if you somehow managed to catch coronavirus, individuals have been entrusted with limiting their contact with the outside world however much as could reasonably be expected. With that comes a natural increment sought after for food, medicine, dairy items delivery, and grocery delivery – yet with eateries, bistros and bars everywhere throughout the nation have closed their entryways.

Amid Coronavirus outbreak people are unable to manage many days to day activities. As the government of many countries has decided lockdown, people are not able to fulfill basic needs like grocery shopping, food delivery, dairy products delivery, medicinal delivery, etc. The government has opened a few shops but Individuals can’t head outside and carry things home as they are frightened of coronavirus spread. In this pandemic, it is very important to have a facility of home delivery of essential items.

In this situation, the question arises in many minds whether the delivery services are available or not? If yes then what are those things which can be delivered to our doorsteps or if not then when could it be started.

You can get all your answers on this blog.

Various android app development companies are working on making apps to solve these issues of deliveries so that people could get the basic things on their doorstep. Let us discover those apps that can help people amid Lockdown not only for food deliveries but also for sending e-gifts, home services and also fill your quarantine period with amazing creativity, etc:

  • Deliveroo
  • Just eat
  • Uber Eats
  • Tyffyn
  • Dinning Inn
  • 1800-plumber
  • Cheer wrap
  • Toadsquare


Deliveroo is still working – delivering food for diners that have stayed open – and has banded together with M&S to guarantee that individuals can get essential things delivered. Products on offer incorporate M&S 4 Pint Semi-Skimmed Milk, M&S 100% Orange Juice Smooth 1L, M&S 12″ Baked Cheese, and Tomato Pizza, M&S Super Seed Loaf 800g, and the M&S Chili and Rice Meal. With respect to how the delivery will function, a representative for the organization recently stated: ‘At Deliveroo we are making a move to keep our clients, riders, and cafés safe. To make our delivery administration much more secure we are presenting a no-contact, drop-off assistance.

Just eat:

Just Eat is still working, yet might have the option to deliver food made by cafés that decide to remain open in the midst of the lockdown and as such, the decision might be constrained. With regards to the delivery procedure during the pandemic, Just Eat stated: ‘We are acquainting contactless delivery and proceed to share significant government exhortation with cafés, dispatches and our kin. ‘We are intently checking the advancing circumstance and keep on investigating our methodology as the circumstance advances.

Uber Eats:

Uber Eats is additionally still delivering, in any case, likewise with Just Eat and Deliveroo, the decision might be constrained relying upon what restaurants have remained open. Already, the organization said on their site: ‘We comprehend that you might be depending more on nourishment delivery at the present time. On the off chance that you like, you can leave a note in the Uber Eats application to request that your delivery individual leave your food and essentials at the door.

Healthy Food -Tyffyn:

Tyffyn is a platform to help home chefs to grandstand and sell their nourishment by utilizing the application. It’s an incredible platform for the individuals who love solid and handcrafted food that too with at a small amount of cost they pay at an eatery. Food lovers can search for food accessible in their general vicinity, or ask for a unique dish/dinner that home cooks will get ready extraordinarily for them. Then again, home culinary specialists can post what they offer and get a request from clients in their general vicinity. Again this app will prove to be a good friend amid lockdown.

Dining Inn – A Home Made Food Community

Dining Inn is a network-based commercial center that interfaces similar to individuals over home-prepared food. Its the Airbnb of Home Dining. Two principle segments of the application are to become a Host and become a Guest. The application makes food sharing straightforward, simple, pleasant, safe and simultaneously you can gain too. There are 3 kinds of eating occasions:

Social Dining – As a Host, you get the chance to choose what sort of visitors might you want to welcome over (age, interests, occasion explicit) and what you are cooking. You can choose the occasion date and time too. The visitors can moreover look at different social feasting occasions that are of intrigue and make a booking through the Dining Inn App.

Ordinary eating – It is consistently eating for a specific timeframe.
During the lockdown, one can go with ordinary eating.

1800 Plumber – Plumbing Services Online :

1800 Plumber is a web-based plumbing services platform having an association with local services organization proprietors in the United States and Canada serving private and business clients.
The entrance depends on ERP and CRM based platforms, which are functioning as a specialist co-op to the electrical, Plumbing and HAVC industry. This framework includes a day in and day out live call gathering, dispatch, innovation, execution following, overseeing bookkeeping, preparing, overseeing workers, overseeing ace information, announcing highlight, alarm, and warning, live informing, and so on. So if you got stuck with any plumbing issues amid lockdown you can simply opt this app or request to customize and create apps according to your requirements.
Moment E-Gifting Platform – Cheerwrap
CheerWrap is an energizing instant e-gifting platform that facilitates you to send e-gift vouchers from wonderful brands, at whatever point you need, any place you are, in not more than seconds. It joins the accommodation of web-based shopping and the adoration for blessing giving.

The app incorporates the different usefulness, for example,

  • Wallet usefulness
  • Gift reclaim the board
  • Gift card module combination
  • Can make a social profile on Cheerwrap and interface with other long-range informal communication locales
  • Multi payment portal Integration
  • Multi-store usefulness
  • Theme mix
  • Reward focuses usefulness


Toadsquare is the hub point of the imaginative & creative businesses- a worldwide system connecting professional talents over the world from the various parts, for example, film, video, music, performing arts, photography, writing and publishing, distributing and so forth it gives a spot to inventive industry experts to deal with their business in the online world. It speaks to an aggregate feature for shoppers to come and find new, rising craftsmanship and single out experienced ability. The platform encourages the best inventive undertakings from everywhere throughout the globe, featuring open door for business, craftsman coordinated effort, social communications, gathering databases, deals, and above all online exposure.


Given the present spread of this infection and the pace and multifaceted nature of universal travel, the number of cases and deaths will be prone to keep on climbing. We ought not to panic, even though we are managing a genuine and novel pathogen.
Many delivery apps are available in play stores that can help you to bring essentials to your home and also keeps you busy with some productive work. For more information regarding app development feel free to contact CDN Solutions Group or Free Quote at Or Call Now @ +1(602)626-7419.