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Top 6 Well Known Languages Used for IoT Software and Mobile App Development

Consistently, there are many devices & gadgets everywhere that are associated with the Internet, standing patiently for our directions and commands. How might we request them around? Which language do they speak? The simplest answer is that “smart” things utilize a considerable lot of indistinguishable languages from desktop to a limited extent on the grounds that their likenesses with personal computers keep on developing.

It’s no surprise that what he calls an “Actual PC” utilizes a considerable lot of similar languages. In a survey of  Internet of Things (IoT) developers conducted by the Eclipse Foundation, found that Java, C, JavaScript, and Python were the top four languages for developing IoT solutions. Still, there is a lot of confusion in choosing languages. So would you say you are facing trouble concluding which to pick? Choosing a language for IoT development and IoT Mobility Solutions is as troublesome as choosing a hardware framework. Here are the top 6 programming dialects that are best for IoT Projects:

1) C Language:

Regardless of the presence of various new languages, C keeps on controlling the world and is still one of the most mainstream coding languages. C is the second most famous language in 2019, with a 15.154% evaluated rating. One of the most significant programming languages in the IoT framework is C. This is the most This is the reason C is the lowest of all the layer of programming that is near the hardware. C is considered to be the foundation of various languages for coding over the years. This makes its information an essential need for anybody in the IoT development. The explanation for this is it doesn’t require a great deal of power.

C is accessible on pretty much every advanced embedded platform. C is procedural instead of OOP as it doesn’t work in capacities. It is additionally the most chosen language for IoT hardware, with low power and controlled RAM. Furthermore, C is a straightforward and very transparent language and enables you to twist your codes according to your necessity. This takes into consideration more prominent adaptability that is perfect for IoT mobility solutions. Another in addition to the point is the portability that C offers. It’s simpler for C programs that are composed on one framework, to run on another.

2) JAVA:

One of the most famous and most used programming languages of 2019; Java is liable to help construct almost 3 billion gadgets and devices. With 16.62 ratings it has become the most famous well-known language. Programmers and experts in technology use Java as it is well-known and famous. They think of it as is the best choice for IoT as it is known to compose once, run anytime anywhere. Designers can without much of a stretch create and investigate code on their PC. It can easily move on to any chip with the use of Java Virtual Machine. Thus, it very well may be run on places where JVMs are utilized and on some other machines also.

Mesa, Eiffel, C, and C++ are some languages through which Java has incorporated their coding. With the least hardware dependency, Java has become Object-oriented and portable language. Alongside this, Java has hardware libraries that can get to conventional code.


According to TIOBE’s (The Importance of Being Earnest) list, it was the programming language of the year in 2018. With is holding a rating of 10.020%, it is likewise the third most well-known language in 2019. Python is for the most part utilized for composing web applications, yet it has picked up fame in the IoT framework. It is a translated language that offers comprehensibility with the linguistic structure without trading off the size. This language has an enormous number of libraries, it can accomplish more stuff fewer codes.

Python’s spotless punctuation is reasonable for a database plan. In the event that your application needs the information to be orchestrated in a database organization or use tables. Python is the correct decision which is available. Python is the correct decision, for data examination in IoT frameworks. The language is quite simple and can be effectively deployed. Its enormous network helps in giving assistance and libraries as and when required. It is the perfect language for data-intensive applications.


JavaScript was the most famous programming language in 2018, as per State of the Developer Nation Report with approx. 9.7M designers and developers utilizing the language. JavaScript is utilized as the programming language in all the internet browsers and HTML. This is a programming language that offers its libraries with dialects. JavaScript makes things simpler as it makes the devices interoperable.

The vast majority of the work is focused around the servers and center points that gather data and afterward store it. One of the most well-known programming dialects for IoT mobile app development, it works the best on the scope of situations, and furthermore is ruling in passages and cloud. It is inescapable, and its colossal network makes it simpler to help. It additionally has an occasion driven methodology that makes it perfect and progressively effective with regard to sensors.


Swift is the programming language that is utilized for making applications for macOS or Apple’s iOS devices. On the off chance that you need to communicate with the iPhones and iPads with your home point, swift is the best way. Swift is increasing more popularity as a programming language than its processor Objective-C. Apple, to accomplish its objective of turning into a pioneer of IoT at home, is building libraries. These libraries can deal with a great part of the work, it will make it simpler for engineers to concentrate on the assignment. While the HomeKit framework handles the incorporation.

As referenced before, it is the necessary language that you need for your applications and your IoT programming to collaborate with any of the Apple gadgets and devices. Since the language became publicly released in 2017, it is presently conceivable to utilize the language apart from Apple’s ecosystem system as well.

6) PHP:

PHP is being added by the engineers to their heap of codes. The code’s principal objective is to shuffle microservices on the server. They can transform the lowliest thing on the web into a full web server. With the assistance of PHP, applications are created utilizing GPS Data from IoT devices.

In this manner, it is hard to pick anyone from all the dialects since all are the best. C, Python, Java are the most well-known IoT programming dialects. There is no such strong difference in top languages utilized for composing old PC applications and servers. While the basic answer is that smart things aren’t entirely different from PC’s and servers, the mind-boggling answer is that there are significant contrasts between everything that make up the IoT mobile app development or IoT mobility solutions.

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