Top 6 Web Design and Development Trends for 2016

With improved technologies, everyone is predicting the next designing and development trend that will capture the market in 2016. If you want to build better audience for your business in terms of conversions that generate quality sales for your business, you need to follow the modern web design and development trends.

Here we have picked top 6 web design and development predictions for 2016 to make things more approachable for your business.

1) Motion UI:

Motion UI also called as motion user interface is an emerging trend in web design and development field and we will see a lot more about this in 2016. Motion UI is one of the foundation of Apps by Google. Motion UI will make animations less complicated by its custom coding of transitions.

It is defined by simple and easy to understand steps which are slick, smooth and rich. With motion UI, CSS transitions, animations and Saas mixins can be easily integrated and prototyped into the web pages.

2) Developing and Designing for Small Data:

Small data will improve small interactions with big number of audiences. This concept is useful in developing relationships with your audiences. For example, if you ask your customers to choose his/her answers with Yes or No options on a certain opinion, the customers or visitors feel valued.

3) Advance Responsiveness: 

Web Design and Development 2016

In 2016, designers will face the challenge of advance responsiveness. Their job is not only situated with mobile responsiveness, but also of other screens and advanced technology. For any technical guidance regarding responsive design, feel free to contact us here.

4) Full Screen Navigation Design:

Full screen navigation design is the next web buzz of web designers and developers. By this concept, the mobile phone users feels easy to access their favorite websites. If the user is accessing your website from mobile and he wants to fill the enquiry form on the advance responsive web page, the form will automatically adjust to the full screen size. This is how full screen navigation design works.

5) Internet of Things:

In order to meet the demands of wireless technology, the designers and developers need to take the challenge of designing and developing for car, robots and LCD’s. Internet of Things referred to the wireless network of products and objects which includes different modes of communication. So this will be the biggest challenge for designers and developers in the year 2016.

6) One Page Design:

One page design include lesser clicks and more scrolling so that the users of mobile phones, tablet and other small screens can easily access their field of interest data without waiting for loading time. It is one of the most important predictions for 2016. All the new designs will developed on single page only.

Single page design will also become popular to meet eCommerce requirements. A customer wants to have quick look to all the products in one glimpse. These kind of pages are ideal solution for quicker online shopping.

So these are the latest predictions of web design and development for the coming year 2016. You want to match with the future predictions of web design and development, don’t worry, we are here to help you. Contact us here for all your web design and development requirements.

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