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Top 11 Healthcare Technology Trends 2019

Technology has not left any industry untouched. It has shown its colour even in the field of healthcare. In the past years getting a health check-up done was time-consuming and complex. As, patients had to wait for hours till their turn, even when they had the appointment scheduled. But today we are in a digital age where technology has revolutionized the healthcare IT solutions. It now takes care of both patients and doctors along with the way they interact.

Technology is evolving continually and here is a list of top technology trends in healthcare to watch out for this year:

Artificial Intelligence:

Earlier people had to wait for their test reports for around a week but now with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can get your body scan report 150 times faster than the traditional one. So now, a patient need not wait for one or more days as results would be instant and available on-the-spot. This became possible because AI can detect acute neurological events in just 1.2 sec, making AI an effective and robust system for health care. This also saves operational costs and provides robust security to the patient’s data. Thereby enhancing business processes.

Cloud Computing:

Record-keeping is not easy for healthcare. This data is vital not only for patients but also for doctors as based on it better treatment could be provided. And, this data could be accessed easily through cloud computing. Cloud computing can not only help practitioners to provide live consolations but also protects healthcare data, provides disaster recovery, and provides large storage. So now, with the help of cloud computing, you need not worry about storage and security.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):

AR/VR turns imagination into reality. With the help of AR/VR, doctors get the power to change their way of treating patients. With the help of AR, doctors get a chance to learn about major and complicated procedures like heart surgery without involving any human body. AR development solutions and VR can help Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to recall their lost memory. In short, AR/VR is an aid for doctors in learning and treatment. Not only this, but it also educated patients regarding medicines.


In today’s world, most people are concerned about their health and fitness. And, they make every possible effort to remain healthy. Wearables is one such trend that is helping the healthcare industry in keeping track of health. It not only helps people in keeping track of their health but also helps doctors in gathering data, research as well as providing effective solutions. One of the most commonly used examples of Wearables is smartwatch which helps in staying fit by providing real-time health conditions like heart-rate.

Internet of Things (IoT):

internet of things solutions has become a very useful part of the healthcare industry. It helps patients get remote treatment with the involvement of IoT devices. It also provides big support to hospitals by helping them in tracking equipment such as wheelchairs, nebulizers, and oxygen pumps. It also helps hospitals in managing assets at the pharmacy, checking the temperature of A/C, and more.


blockchain technology solutions helps to manage and securing patient’s data in a much better way. But how? It preserves the patient’s medical history forever. So, whenever doctors want to see or edit patients’ history, they can do it from anywhere in no time using a digital signature which is authenticated. Not only this, but blockchain also enables healthcare to fix ownership of digital assets. Apart from this blockchain keeps complex-team organized and also keeps track of drugs supplied to the patients. Thereby, enhancing the integrity of the healthcare.

Voice Search:

Voice search is the next big thing introduced in multiple industries including healthcare. Yes, today people are using voice search for most of their searches which are not only for locations, nearby, hotels, restaurants but also for doctors, hospitals and much more. So, it’s time to get your healthcare marketing campaign optimized with a voice search on the landing page. This would help you reach broader audiences quickly in a better way. The only thing you need to take care of is, your voice search must be HIPAA compliant.


Chatbots in the healthcare industry can do plenty of things. It can deal with routine queries. It can help patients by reminding them about medicines to take and precautions they can take. It provides evidence-based responses which help doctors to get process quickly in secure manner. Chatbots can also help healthcare in providing customer service, managing inventory or even diagnosing mild condition potentially.


With the help of telemedicine, doctors can now diagnose and treat patients remotely. This technology not only helps doctors but also patients as they need not wait for hours or visit the doctor to get treated. Patients just need to get an appointed, and they’ll get the treatment remotely. This not only saves the patient’s time but also the cost and energy required to travel. This is the reason why the number of telepath patients is growing rapidly. Telepath also helps doctors in providing help to their patients anytime from anywhere, thereby improving ROI.


EHR stands for Electronic Health Records which allows patients and doctors to have access to permanently stored data. This results in better and improved interaction between doctors and patients as they can have access to all the previous records of diagnostics, chronic diseases, cardiac waveforms, and prescriptions, all in one place. Thereby ensuring more productive delivery of care. It also allows patients to reduce the number of papers to be carried along while visiting a doctor.

Therapeutic apps:

Therapeutic apps as the name suggest helps in improving health and wellness. Also known as digit verticals, these apps are even prescribed by medical practitioners. And there’s nothing to worry about the app because it has been clinically validated. Yes, these apps are tested for efficacy by regulatory bodies like the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). These apps can be used for treating chronic pain, asthma, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


These are some tech trends that the healthcare industry would see in 2019. Is there anything that you are keeping an eye on for 2019? Are you looking for building an impactful custom app for your healthcare? Feel free to contact us  CDN Solutions  Group now! Our experts specialize in developing custom apps for different industries!