7 Things to Consider When Choosing Your IT Solutions Provider

Availing IT outsourcing services such as website hosting, emails, software development and maintenance have become commonplace for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But, enterprise IT solutions have grown beyond and above their boundaries. According to a report by Statista, in 2017, software application development was outsourced by 64% IT leaders worldwide. Software application maintenance was the next IT service in line, outsourced by 51% of respondents.

With organizations looking to cut down costs, improve efficiency, and expand delivery of services, outsourcing IT business solutions has become the norm. However, with a plethora of IT solutions providers everywhere, a business may face the dilemma of picking the right service provider for their needs. Before looking at some factors that can help you choose the right IT solutions provider, let’s take a look at the top reasons why businesses use IT outsourcing services.

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Choose Outsourced IT Services

Managed IT services and software development outsourcing services have become the top priorities for any organization to conquer. When companies look at making processes efficient, they believe in focusing on what they do best and outsource everything someone else would do better. IT services fall under the latter category.

Here are the top reasons why businesses outsource IT and software development-

Cost Savings – Cost for setting up an internal IT department can include networking equipment, hardware, infrastructure, labor, and maintenance costs, apart from the hiring costs of skilled personnel and their training. However, when a business relies on outsourced IT business services, they can easily predict their monthly expenses and take measures to control it- leading to cost-efficiency.

Business Uptime – Most business today rely on a software product- either a website or a mobile device application to keep their business up and running. Any downtime in these software solutions would cost these businesses dearly. To avoid losing money from downtime, businesses today prefer joining hands with an IT partner to help them keep things sorted. By maximizing uptime, businesses can drive the most out of their employees and have their staff focus on essential business objectives- rather than fixing bugs that a software company would know better.

Proactive Resolution to IT Issues – When a business associates with an IT solutions provider, they no longer have to worry about the IT infrastructure or their software product. While an IT business service provider keeps track of anomalies, managers can focus on other crucial aspects of business such as marketing, sales, etc.

Tap into Disruptive Technologies – With an IT business solutions provider, companies can strategize digital transformation and see how they can leverage leading technologies such as AR/VR, iBeacon, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and so on. Without an IT partner, organizations often fail to discover how these technologies can help them improve business efficiency, customer engagement, and other important ROIs. However, with IT consulting services, organizations can clearly see how IT services can impact their business.

Tailored Consulting – With an outsourced IT consulting services provider, you can expect customized consulting for your business. These are the companies that look at your business- its USP, the loopholes, and the technologies you use. Then, they go ahead and learn about your business goals, after which they plan a strategy for you to achieve these goals by leveraging the latest technology and IT services.

If you have made up your mind to outsource essential IT business needs, let’s learn how you can choose the right solutions provider.

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How to Pick the Right IT Solutions Provider

You may be surrounded by a sea of IT consulting services businesses. But, not all IT services companies can cater to your specific needs. It is for this reason that you need to understand how important the process of selecting an IT partner is.

With the right IT consulting services provider, you will get customized services that are right for your business and fulfill your needs. Consider the following factors while choosing an IT solutions provider for your company-

Your Desired Goals – Don’t let IT services vendor dictate the terms. While IT business services companies have their own selling tagline, know what’s important for your business. Make sure you get answers regarding your priorities and understand what the company can do for you and how effectively. Pin the vendor down on deliverables essential to you, and your software solution will have higher chances of success.

Product Usability and Features – Not every IT services organization offers a digital solution that works on paper and after implementation too. Just because they show you a list of comprehensive features, in theory, doesn’t mean they can justify their significance. You need an IT solution provider who focuses on your needs as opposed to the needs of the software product. What might make sense for a software solution to have may not make sense for your business.

Support – Some IT solution providers have a notorious reputation of dissolving into thin air when things get a bit shaky. Make sure to choose an IT business solutions provider who will be there for you when there’s a hitch. Any partnership is fruitful when there’s accountability. And, you want your IT partner to help you resolve the most minor of glitches after they have successfully deployed your project.

Hidden Charges – You don’t want any surprise element when it comes to the costing of your software or IT services needs. Therefore, look at every contract you sign and make sure you are not being sold a higher package and added benefits in the garb of hidden charges. Discuss this openly with your IT outsourcing services provider and keep things transparent from the very beginning. Any hidden charges billed later can cause significant discomfort to your budget.

Partnership Modes – There are many arrangements to get IT services delivered for your business. Some businesses get into remote software development by outsourcing the process entirely. Some other companies prefer to hire a couple of developers from IT solutions providers who they manage directly and get software applications developed. And, some businesses need to meet locally with their vendors before finalizing and starting to work together. Which of these businesses represents you? Your choice of the right IT business solutions provider will also depend on the engagement model you prefer.

Exit Strategy – What if things don’t go well between you and your IT solutions vendor and you need to divorce them? Defining an exit strategy saves a lot of troublesome discussions, time, and effort when and if such a situation arises. To save yourself a lot of head-space, define an exit strategy before getting into a contract. This way, if things don’t go well, you will still have a pre-defined workable strategy to end things constructively.

Expertise and Innovation – When it comes to software development specifically, a development team proficient in all the latest technologies can be helpful for your business. Therefore, if this matters to you, consider talking to a couple of your prospective vendor’s developers. By talking to them, you will understand more about what they are comfortable working with. You can also learn about the company’s past projects where they have implemented an innovative out-of-the-box solution.

The right blend of business ethics and technical expertise makes an enterprise IT solution provider the best one. With open communication and proactive spirit, the right service provider will make you feel at ease and motivated towards your business goals.

These factors are key to determining which IT solutions vendor would be the right fit for your business. As a vendor of IT business solutions, CDN Software Solutions works to improve your business’ efficiency and productivity with leading technologies. With a wealth of experience catering to different industries, we have gained credibility in the industry for being an innovative and fast-growing IT solutions provider.

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