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Hire an App Development Company Only After These 10 Checks

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Looking to hire an app development company? Then you know it’s harder than it sounds. It’s more than just looking around locally or on the internet and finding and signing up a competent mobile app development company. Mobile apps hog a lot of time and resources, making choosing a partner an even more of a critical task than it already is.

No company can afford to get an inefficient app developed that their users won’t stick to and one that would not help them achieve key KPIs. At the beginning of 2018, Gartner predicted that less than 0.01% of consumer mobile apps will turn out a “success” through 2018. That’s 1 in 10,000 mobile apps. And still, mobile applications continue to be the rage for businesses of all sizes in all industries.

What Makes Mobile Apps Fail?

App developers and companies often commit these common mistakes and find themselves knee-deep in a failed project.

  • Overestimating app uniqueness – Most businesses fail to research their user base and predict that their app would offer a unique experience when there are several similar apps already running successfully in the market. The lack here is in market research, testing the idea, and analyzing the competition without bias.
  • Blurred monetization strategy – Unless you are into charity, you want your mobile app to have an ROI. There is something you want to achieve with your app. For businesses and mobile developers, it is critical to clearly define a mobile app monetization strategy. Monetization can be achieved through in-app advertising, premium app sales, premium models, subscriptions, in-app stores, and so on, depending on what your customers would prefer.
  • Fewer tweaks and iterations – If you want to get your mobile app right in the first hit, you are engaging in wishful thinking. Chasing perfection is never a good idea when it comes to mobile apps. App developer companies need to iterate and reiterate their strategy, analysis, and accordingly change and tweak their app to improve usability and other important metrics.

These mistakes cost businesses dearly. Therefore, when choosing the right mobile app company, you should be careful of some parameters that may pronounce your success or failure with mobile apps.

Find Your App Development Company – 10 Things to Consider

Mobile app development companies have mushroomed in all corners of the world as a result of the increasing demand for mobile apps in all industries and businesses. All of these companies pledge to offer cutting-edge, innovative mobile apps that will stay on your users’ mobile devices and make you successful.

Save your business mobile app from failure. Strike a deal with the right app developers and company.

  1. App idea clarity – Checking this box is the fundamental step to app success. If you are not clear with your mobile app idea, how would you expect to communicate your requirements to any other company? Understand your exact requirements. You can get all the stakeholders under a roof and ask them individually what they think you might need in an outsourced mobile app development partner. This will open up a discussion about the requirements and what you need to look for in an ideal development partner.
  1. Portfolio – A mobile apps developer company should have a vivid and disparate portfolio of published apps. They should be able to demonstrate their experience and recount the challenges they faced and overcame with each project. A diverse portfolio would mean this company has gained a wealth of experience and that its developers know how to deliver apps and get them published. Getting mobile apps developed is one thing and getting them published is a whole other game. Make sure your app partner can guide you through.
  1. Geographical location – This one is a choice you make. Nothing wrong with it if you want your app development company nearby. The world has long gone global and you can seamlessly interact and collaborate over boundaries. So, no right or wrong. The location of your app development partner does not mean anything generically. However, if your project needs them to attend meetings with stakeholders and be present physically at your premises, your call.
  1. Analyze developers’ expertise – These days, mobile app developers are not only concerned with the technical and design aspects of an app but also assist companies in their marketing strategy. Look for developers in a company who would go out of their way to improve your app. These professionals are proactive in what they do and deliver more than 100%. They are on top of marketing trends, app monetization techniques and won’t back down from suggesting you great ideas to get the most out of your app. This is a team you want to work with.
  1. Weigh in quality and cost – No more is cost a standalone factor. Businesses are willing to expand their budgets if they can get something better done with their apps. The key is to see the cost in contrast to the quality of the app. We don’t find it cost-effective to pay for an app that would do nothing for your users and your business. An ineffective app is anyway expensive by that logic. We encourage you to look for the real value in any mobile app. Would it possibly do what you intend it to? If it would, the cost becomes its worth.
  1. App functionality – Consider the apps published by the app development company in question. Do they look innovative, usable, interactive, and intuitive? If not, move on. With 3 million apps already existing, you need something that grabs users by their eyeballs. Simple apps are always the trend. But, simplicity needs hard work too! Assess the functionality and features of apps developed by each company and then choose the one that stands out.
  1. The communication process – You don’t want to be left out of the loop when your mobile app’s getting developed. You ideally want to be included in all key decision-making processes. A healthy, two-way, transparent communication will keep you updated on your app’s progress and allow you to pitch in your ideas. Look for a team that would garner your opinion each step of the way.
  1. Maintenance and support – A competent development company will have proper maintenance and support guidelines in place. This company will stay accountable for any large or tiny glitch in your app. Choose the development partner who would smoothen the wrinkles in your app and assist you in sailing through complexities, 24×7.
  1. Turnaround time – You don’t want to be waiting forever to get your app published, up, and running. You want to partner with an app developer company who would deliver within the stipulated deadline. The faster your app hits the market, the better and higher revenues you will drive.
  1. Platform expertise – If you want to reach a global audience with your mobile app, you will have to develop the same functionality for a varied array of mobile platforms – Android, iOS, Windows. Look for an app developers agency who have proficiency in developing cross-platform mobile apps.

You may have multiple other factors that would play a vital role in your app’s success- its design, simplicity, graphics, animation, and so on. Beyond these fundamental factors, you will have unique ones that answer your sole need.

Hire the Right App Development Company

Still in doubt whom to consider? CDN Software Solutions has been around for over 18 years. With a wide experience in delivering mobile solutions across the globe, we have gained expertise in leading technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, AI, ML, AR/VR, and so on.

We have a strong workforce of 250+ professionals well versed with technology, design, and implementation. We believe in 100 percent customer satisfaction and strive to achieve it every step of the way.

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What your Users Really Expect From your Mobile App?

Monday, July 9th, 2018


Is your mobile app falling short of your users’ expectations? A recent survey has revealed 51% of respondents have deleted/uninstalled an app from their mobile phone a week ago or less. Gaining customer satisfaction on the small device has become of paramount importance. Customer satisfaction is the byproduct of value addition. And, few software development companies can achieve that for you.

While social media apps dominate the market in terms of usage, gaming apps are close behind. Business apps have become focal to any enterprise’s success.

If you are trying to entice your users with a business mobile app, it is desirable to hire mobile app developers who know the in and out of building engaging user experiences and highly functional mobile apps. Because, as numbers show, 32% people delete apps for the reason that they had no use.

Top mobile app developers vouch for this- make apps that are needed by your users. Otherwise, your app can be just another drop in the ocean. Understanding what users actually expect out of your mobile app is the first step towards delivering it to them.

Know Your Audience Well – Building Mobile Apps That Stay

Here are some insights into your users’ minds. Tailor your mobile app development services for the people who will use it. Adorn your mobile app with these critical necessities to help it say in the market-

  • 2 Second Load Time

    Studies have shown that the average mobile app user has little or no patience at all when it comes to her app experience. If they click on your app and it takes any more than 2 seconds to open, they are already on their way to get rid of it. Mobile app development companies build this critical factor as their USP. It is so imperative because everything else starts right after it. This is the first impression you get to make. Build a swift and speedy mobile app that opens with a touch, within two seconds!

  • Design it Just Right

    Another interesting aspect that users stick with to determine whether or not they like an app, is the design of your app. The buttons, logos, text, images, and all other designing elements must melt in the eye- revealing only what is necessary. When it comes to mobile app designing, finding the sweet spot is key. Mobile app developers who can balance branding and user experience in a mobile app are the best. You need a developer who understands what destroys the experience of a mobile app and what enhances it.

  • Intuitive Experiences are The Best

    An intuitive mobile app goes a long way in making the user feel at rest. For example, if your mobile app needs the user to input their phone number, it is intuitive for your app to change the keyboard to the numeric one. This reduces the action steps for the user and eases his task. Don’t we personally love it when a mobile app does not need us to enter our email address- it just takes it off the historical data? These little nuances add to the bigger picture- making the user experience seamless.

  • Mobile App Personalization

    Users these days have no clear demarcation between companies and businesses. They compare you to Amazon’s services and user experience, and so on. Personalization is the key to lasting user engagement and lower delete rate. Personalizing a mobile app experience can consist of altering the brightness of the app, the content it offers, its features, etc., to the preferences of the user. Mobile app development companies are raging with app personalization features. These are not critical for no reason. User engagement levels and in-app purchases skyrocket when they feel the app is ‘just right’ for them. Deliver irrelevant content and they will bid you well.

  • Eliminate the Undesired

    Chop off parts of your mobile app that don’t serve any purpose of your users. Undesirable features and attributes in a mobile app spoil the users’ experience, even when it is a simple journaling app. Give them the basic functionalities and take out the rest. A simple app is far more usable than the one with every other functionality. In a bid to create an exceptional app, mobile app developers sometimes build everything into one. Strategize the mobile app development process from the perspective of your users and deliver only what’s desired.

  • Seamless Checkouts

    The checkout is the most arduous part of the process for online shoppers. Be it your mobile app or your website, a seamless checkout is a key to sealing deals and blooming your business. For businesses who sell services or products through their mobile apps, a smooth checkout experience is where the magic happens. Ask Amazon, or at least use it- and you’ll know the difference. Give your users the information they need to revise about their order, ask for minimal data, autofill everything you can, and integrate with a reliable payment gateway to offer secure checkouts to your users.

  • Look to add Location Awareness

    Location-aware apps are growing by the day. These apps offer their users the information they need- when they need it. No sooner or later. The location-awareness of Tinder made it the popular platform it is today. Otherwise, there would have been minimal difference between Tinder and any other match-making/dating app. Look for ways to integrate location-awareness in your mobile app- and make it worthy for the user. You can be sure of winning.

  • Bots and Chats

    People love to chat. Even if it’s with a bot. Integrate a bot into your app if a prompt response is crucial in your business. If you are a NEWS app, allow the users to type in a phrase for your bot to send them related NEWS on the subject. Interaction capabilities within a mobile app experience augment engagement of users and reward the business.

Mobile app development services revolve around delivering seamless experiences and high engagement levels. At the end of the day, everything boils down to these factors. Hire mobile app developers who understand your audience. And, let them create captivating designs and feature-rich mobile apps for your business.


CDN Software Solutions- Your Preferred Mobile App Development Company

At CDN Software Solutions, we convert ideas into apps. We are a leading mobile app development company ready to launch your next big app idea with a bang. At CDN Software Solutions, we take care of the nitty-gritty of software development and build scalable, secure, and robust solutions with interactive, intuitive, and innovative designs.

Customer engagement is one metric you want to win. Engagement levels with mobile apps are a result of the overall app experience including the functional and non-functional aspects of the app. We induce the right experiences into mobile apps to make them a value-addition for your users.

The need of the hour is to avail mobile app development services that are closer to current trends and innovative. Needless to say, we offer end-to-end mobile app development services to businesses across industry verticals.

We are ready to realize your big app idea. Let’s create success for you together!