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Remarkable Things to Expect- Fintech Solutions at CeBIT Germany 2018

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

The largest international computer/IT trade fair is getting close. CeBIT Germany 2018 will touch base on three core components this year- Businesses, Leads, and Ideas. CDN Solutions Group is one of the app development companies at CeBIT Germany 2018, featuring its products and services. The event will begin June 11 and will wrap up on June 15.

A lot of exciting technologies and solutions await us at CeBIT this year. Technology is moving at a skyrocketing pace. And, this trend is leading to a strong phenomenon of Digital Transformation. Organizations are revolutionizing their processes and operations to cater to the advancements in IT within their infrastructure.

At these times, an event packed with IT innovation enthusiasts and facilitators can bring immense potential and value. Businesses are striving to get through with their transformative processes with lesser hurdles, and one of the major industries struggling and bringing itself up is the Fintech space.

What to Expect – Fintech Solutions at CeBIT Germany 2018


Most companies exhibiting at CeBIT Germany will revolve around intelligence tech, data, robots, security, etc. But, for the Financial institutions, CeBIT is focusing on these are the core technologies-

Artificial Intelligence – AI and Machine Learning have taken over all industries in the recent years. In the financial domain, Artificial Intelligence is predominantly allowing institutions such as banks to detect frauds using machines and sophisticated software before the humans can do it. Some institutions are feeding compliance regulations into the machines, which then help detect any anomalies in conforming to these regulations. Chatbots are employed in banks and other financial entities to take over the human interaction for the first few minutes, as of now, to lead to customer satisfaction. AI and ML have teamed up to help investors make better decisions. In a wrap, AI is changing the way the finance industry tackle challenges.

Blockchain – A chain that is disrupting the Finance industry. Blockchain has exposed newer ways of managing and recording transactions over a decentralized platform. The distributed ledger technology opens gateways to bring trust and transparency to the financial domain. Where frauds are too common and threats loom large, Blockchain promises to clear the cloud and replaces legacy systems with advanced ones. Fintech solutions at CeBIT Australia 2018 are sure to touch upon the immense value trapped in this ledger technology.

Threat and Security – Security is getting harder to achieve as days pass by us. Data breaches and security threats have become too commonplace for us as the tech-generation. In the Fintech space, AI, ML, and cryptographic technologies are becoming increasingly important. Software solutions that detect threats and frauds in real-time are another great source of innovation to happen for collective good.

These are some of the focus areas for app development companies at CeBIT Germany 2018. Financial technologies have become immensely critical as the adoption of online transactions has improved even in the developing countries around the world.

Meet CDN Solutions Group at CeBIT Germany 2018 for Fintech Solutions

Among the many companies exhibiting at CeBIT Germany 2018, we are one. We are arriving with our Fintech solutions at CeBIT Germany 2018!

CDN Solutions Group has made innovation and value its two partners. Ever since our inception, we have focused on solving real business challenges. We are now striving to help financial companies get in complete control of their processes and helping them digitally transform. Our services have helped many businesses with their most pressing challenges. We are proud of the fact that we have only led them to satisfaction through our services.

Keep an eye out for our Fintech solutions at CeBIT Hannover 2018 and pave the way for better collaboration and better results.

Find us at stand G18 Hall 16. Contact us for fintech solutions.

Top 5 Companies Participating in CommunicAsia 2017 Singapore

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

CommunicAsia is the premier sourcing and knowledge ICT platform in Asia, this year it will bring together a comprehensive display of cutting-edge technologies. The event will be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore during 23rd to 25th May 2017. This year the the theme of CommunicAsia is next generation solutions, digital transformation of business and cities. It will also spotlight the latest in the artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud, big data, ibeacon, hardware integration, enterprise mobility, fintech solutions, virtual reality, and many more.

Business and trade professionals can take advantage of this mega ICT expo by participating in this event. Here we are suggesting some companies who are participating in CommunicAsia 2017 and you can’t afford by not visiting their stand if you are planning to visit the event.

1) ACER INC. : Founded in 1976, Acer is one of the world’s top ICT companies and has a presence in over 160 countries. Acer Inc mission is breaking barriers between people and technology. With the same motive Acer Inc Taiwan is exhibiting in CommunicAsia 2017 event. They will be available at stand BQ2-01 during the show.

2) CDN Solutions Group: Founded in 2000, CDN Solutions Group is a Software development firm, whose ultimate mission is to provide quality and innovative IT solutions to solve crucial business issues. CDN is a leading information technology service provider company and have corporate headquarters in India, USA, Australia, Europe. CDN’s employees are dedicated to the research, marketing, design, development, test, sale, and support of products and solutions to provide you the best solution. So definitely you can’t miss to visit their stand BE2-05, if you are taking part in CommunicAsia 2017. Know more here.


3) PCCW Global: PCCW is a leading telecommunications provider company offering the latest voice and data solutions to multi-national enterprises and communication service providers. They will be present in CommunicAsia 2017 event at stand 1K2-01 to solve telecommunication issues in business.

4) RAD: RAD is a global provider of network access and telecommunication solutions. This year at CommunicAsia, RAD will showcase how to open your network to new business using network functions virtualization. Meet the delegates of RAD at stand 1H2-07 and solve your network issues in business.

5) SCTV: SCTV is Vietnam’s leading provider of communications and telecommunications services. This year, SCTV is exhibiting in global ICT expo CommunicAsia 2017 to showcase latest solutions in cable television network at stand BM3-01.

So if you are attending CommunicAsia 2017 event and need your business related solution then visiting these companies can be a good idea. Know more about Information technology solutions in CommunicAsia 2017 here.

Financial Technology Solutions at CeBIT Australia 2016

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Financial Technology (FinTech) is an economic industry. The companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient are mostly startups. FinTech bridge the gap between finance and technology.

One of the innovative IT services and solutions provider company ‘CDN Software Solutions’ will showcase each and every possibility in FinTech sector at CeBIT Australia 2016 during 2nd – 4th May, 2016 at Sydney Olympic Park, 1 Showground Rd, Sydney NSW 2127, Australia, STAND NO. J20.

The Latest Technology in FinTech Showcase by CDN at CeBIT 2016 Australia are: –

* Machine Learning
* Predictive Behavioral Analytics
* Data Driven Marketing
* Decentralization of Access
* B2B for Banks

Apart from this, CDN has much more to showcase about Finance Technology at CeBIT Australia 2016.

Take a Glimpse on the Benefits of Financial Technology Solutions Provide by CDN: –

* FinTech will educate consumers to make smarter financial decisions
* Diversify payment options
* Offer new avenues for loans
* Speed payments and collections
* Protect assets from fraud
* Encourage investment

So these are some of the FinTech solution benefits that CDN provides to its clients. If you want to know more about finance technology, join CDN Software Solutions at stand no. J20 in CeBIT Australia 2016.

If you are not attending CeBIT Australia this year, don’t worry, we will provide you free ticket to attend and experience this mega IT show. Contact us here to avail your free ticket. You can also use our promo code to register yourself ‘CECDN16’.

In case you are not able to attend CeBIT Australia 2016 this year for any reason, our delegates will be there in Australia till 11th May. You can also do contact us here to meet in Australia between 1 to 11 May 2016.