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Why Hall 2 will Get Much Attention in CeBIT Hannover 2016

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

Countdown to CeBIT 2016 Hannover has begun now and the highlight of the CeBIT event this year is ‘Hall 2’ – Digital Business Solutions. This year’s CeBIT will cover a broader spectrum of topics and areas than ever before, embracing all the major trends such as the Internet of Things, eCommerce & mCommerce software and solutions, Augmented Reality, Innovative web and mobile app solutions, iBeacon, Hardware Integration, Big Data and Cloud, Fog Computing, Innovative and smart software and solutions, etc. All of these will be represented by the delegates of CDN Software Solutions in Hall 2, Stand no C 36 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds during 14th – 18th March, 2016.

Mr Surajit Mitra, CEO of CDN Software Solutions (an innovative hub of Web and Mobility solutions providers) believes that Digitalization has power to transform your business. With the digital business solutions, your business leads will become double or triple. So CDN Software Solutions will present best examples of Digitalization in CeBIT Hannover 2016.

We have Developed Many Innovative and Smart Digitalized Solutions Like: –

* Vehicle Security Solutions, Bike Sharing Solutions (IoT)
* Motor Controlling via Mobile Apps (Hardware Integration)
* Voice Controlled Apps and Solutions (An app that makes you to do chat, call or anything you want to do
while driving)
* Secure Digital Transformation Apps
* Innovative and smart customized solutions according to your business requirements

CeBIT Hannover 2016 - Hall 2

Some more smart software and solutions will presented by CDN Software Solutions in Hall 2 Stand no C-36

* Associations, organisations and institutes for digital business
* eLearning solutions for schools, vocational colleges, universities, further education facilities
* Innovative eLearning solutions (serious games, Web 2.0 eLearning applications, mobile eLearning
* Learning management systems, LMS
* Software and solutions for artists’ agencies
* Software and solutions for clubs
* Software and solutions for cultural facilities
* Software and solutions for libraries
* Software and solutions for museums
* Software and solutions for sports/sports associations
* Software and solutions for education and teaching
* Software and solutions for hospitality management
* Software and Solutions for restaurent management
* Software and solutions for health care
* Software and solutions for information and communications
* Custom application software and solutions
* Offshore software development
* Web design, website development services
* User tracking services, Web tracking services
* Web analytics services
* Web monitoring services
* eLearning content systems, eLearning knowledge management systems
* Innovative eLearning solutions (serious games, Web 2.0 eLearning applications, mobile eLearning
* Latest learning management solutions (LMS Solutions)
* Smart education and university management solutions

So, if you are searching for smart and innovative development partners to speed up your business development,CDN Software Solutions have the capabilities for your intensified requirements. Meet us in CeBIT Hannover 2016 in Hall 2, Stand No C-36 and explore the possibilities for your business in the digital world.

You can contact us here right now to make an appointment and can also get a free e ticket for CeBIT 2016 Hannover to visit this global IT show.

Closely Connect to IoT Solutions in CeBIT 2016 with CDN Software Solutions

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Digitization is revolutionizing the economy and is playing a key role in the success of IT business sectors. This digital transformation process will depend crucially on the ‘Internet of Things’. The interaction between user, physical objects, data and processes will soon be more relevant than ever before. And CeBIT 2016 will this year focus on Internet of things solutions as well.

We have developed many innovative Internet of Things solutions to contribute in next generation technologies. As an IT software and service provider company, we believe that innovations and new ideas are the only key that can help you unlock the unique opportunities for your business. You can find CDN Software Solutions in CeBIT Hannover, talking about IoT Solutions.

Here we are introducing top Internet of Things solutions for the coming years: –

Internet of Things Security (IoT Security): – The Internet of Things already introduces about new security risks and challenges to the IoT devices, operating systems and their platforms, their communication or even the system to which they are connected.

Security technologies will be required to protect Internet of Things devices and platform from physical tempering and informational attacks. IoT security technology will protect the encryption of communication between the things and the user. So IoT security will be the next innovative creation to achieve success in the Internet of Things era.

Internet of Things Analytics (IoT Analytics): – To understand the customer behavior, to improve products, to deliver services, and to identify and analytic the business services, Internet of Things demand new IoT analytic approaches. So for all these activities, IoT analytics technology is required in the coming years.

IoT Things (Device) Management: – Long lived devices or things require monitoring and management. This technology includes software updates, thing monitoring, crash analysis & reporting, diagnostics, security management and physical management. For all these things management solutions, IoT device management technology is needed.

IoT Processors: – The processors used by IoT devices has to be define many capabilities, such as strong security and encryption, sophisticated enough to support an operating system, updatable firmware, power consumption, embedded device management, etc. So for all that features specially configured IoT processors are required.

IoT Specific Operating System: – Traditional operating system, such as windows, Linux, IoS are not designed for IoT purposes. To fulfill IoT application requirement, we require fast processors, real time responses, consumes less power, and many things in the operating system. So to fulfill all the IoT specific requirement, the IoT operation system is required.

So for closely connecting with the great Internet of Things, we require all these technologies. We at CDN Software Solutions have developed many innovative IoT software and solutions for production and manufacturing, agriculture, automobiles.

We are one of the exhibiting company in the global conference CeBIT 2016 – Hannover. We are a regular follower of CeBIT from the last 5 consecutive years not just for business purposes, but to learn and know about the new technologies and innovative solutions. This year, we are again participating in CeBIT with the same motive .You can also meet us regarding your business requirement at Stand no C 36, Hall 2 from 14 – 18 March, 2016 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Hannover, Germany. Contact us here to schedule a meeting right now.

We are also offering free e-invite for visiting CeBIT Hannover 2016. Book an appointment now for getting it..!

Web Development Solutions in CeBIT Hannover 2016

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

CDN Software Solutions, a leading web development company has provided many professional, tailor made, affordable and effective web development solutions. With CeBIT Hannover 2016 round the corner, CDN Software Solutions is ready to demonstrate its intelligent web development solutions and services in this Global Conference during 14-18 March, 2016 at Stand No. C36, Hall 2, in Hannover Exhibition Ground.

CDN Solutions Group is going to participate in CeBIT Hannover 2016 as an exhibitor. Our organization is innovative in shaping the exclusive web development solutions.

Here are some fantastic web development features that we have implement:

* Motion Animation

* Background Animation Videos

* Micro-interactions

* Material design – A richer alternative to flat design

* Rich responsive design

* Galleries and Slideshows

* Hidden navigation menus

* Loading animation, hover animation

* New challenges for responsive design

* Micro-services

* Server side JSX

At CDN Software Solutions, we believe in developing quality solutions using emerging technologies and innovative solutions. Here we are sharing our experience of using latest features like:

Cache pages for offline usage: – HTML 5 introduces amazing feature, offline caching. This feature allows your visitors to visit your site when he/she is not connected to the Internet.

You just have to put this code in your htaccess file: – Create a file with the extension .menifest and put the code given below in that –

AddType text/cache-manifest .manifest






<html manifest=”/offline.manifest”>

So like it, we are always creating or looking for new technologies and innovative solutions and implement it in our solutions. You can meet us in CeBIT Hannover 2016 at Stand no 36, Hall 2 Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Germany. If you have no plan to visit this superb IT show, and want to experience it once, reserve your free e-ticket for CeBIT 2016 Hannover and find the finest solution for your business.

Welcome to Web and Mobile Planet in CeBIT Hannover 2016

Monday, February 15th, 2016

CeBIT is the global tech event or a meeting place for all organizations or professionals in the field of computer and IT sectors. It is an annual conference or trade-show held in Hannover Exhibition Grounds, with the 2016 edition confirmed for 14th -18th March.

The last edition of CeBIT i.e CeBIT 2015 was one of the most successful IT shows in the world. CDN Software Solutions, one of the leading web and mobile app development company is also exhibiting in this mega IT shows for the 5th consecutive time. We will in Hall 2 , Stand no C 36 from 14-18 March 2016 during CeBIT 2016. We also have free guest pass for our visitors, who wish to visit this amazing tech event to find mobile apps and app development services like –

– App developers, app development (native, web, hybrid, cross-compiled)

– App hosters

– App marketers

– App platforms, app stores

– Platforms and operating systems for smart devices

– User experience (apps)

– Solutions for Mobile Payment, payment by cell phones

– Mobile ticketing solutions

You can also get solutions like

– Business intelligence systems for banking and finance

– Card systems, payment systems for banking and finance

– eCommerce solutions for Business to Business trade, B2B

– eCommerce solutions for online shops, Internet shops

– Software and solutions for financial accounting

– Location-based eCommerce solutions

– Mobile commerce, MCommerce, mobile business solutions

– Software and solutions for absence management (Human Resources, HR)

– Software and solutions for apprentice administration, training planning

– Software and solutions for knowledge management

– Software and solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP

– Retail solution

CDN Software Solutions is consistently delivering innovative solutions, always thinking of new ideas and apply the flavor of latest technologies in our work.

Our delegates Mr Chetan Naik (Founder of CDN Solutions Group), Mr Surajit Mitra (CEO of CDN Solutions Group) Ms Anubha Barod (Key Accounts Manager) are very much excited for this event.

So meet CDN Software Solutions at CeBIT for your solutions related to Web and Mobile in Hall 2 Stand no C 36 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds during 14-18 March, 2016. If you are not exhibiting in this event, but want to attend it , contact us here to get your free guest pass for this superb IT show and also get the best solution for your business.

Fog Computing – The Talk of the Town at CeBIT Hannover 2016

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Fog Computing also known as Fogging is defined to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of data that needs to be moved to the cloud for data processing, storage and analysis. This is basically done for efficiency reason, but it is also be carried out for security and conformity reasons.

Fogging or fog computing is a distributed computing framework in which some application services are managed at the network edge in a smart device and some application services are handled in a remote data center in the cloud.

Fog computing is not a replacement of cloud it just extends the cloud computing by providing security in the cloud environment. Fog computing is providing advance features to traditional cloud computing.

Fog Computing will Help to Control the Traffic –

Fog computing will help to control the traffic. Fogging will help the smart traffic light system to work efficiently in the real time if the decision maker (local server) is far away from the system location after creating a smart traffic light system (TLS) that contain a scheduler, executor, communicator, detector, controller and sensors.

Working of TLS –

1) All these systems will communicate with each other in every 15 minutes.

2) The local server will communicate with the other local servers in every 10 minutes.

3) If traffic is detected in an area, the system attached in that area will communicate with the other system with the help of communicator. And this is how the system will get information about the heavy traffic in that area.

4) Now the decision maker or you can say that local server based in that area will direct the coming traffic to the alternative road.

Role of Fog Computing in Controlling the Traffic –

If the decision makers on the cloud were far away from the system location then it would have taken a huge time in taking a decision and it would cause a delay as well and the smart traffic light needs to be act in the real time and here the fog computing concepts resolves this issue. Fog computing is work as platform as a service (PaaS), so it will help the TLS to work in the real time.

The Goal of Fog Computing for the Traffic Control System-

1) Accidents prevention

2) Maintenance of a steady flow of traffic

Fog computing is not a different thing, it is like a framework which improve the efficiency and security of cloud computing.

So along with many other trending technologies this year’s CeBIT will also focus on Fog Computing and we (CDN Software Solutions) being an exhibitor at this event are eagerly waiting to explore this technology as well.

Exhibiting for the 5th consecutive time we are ready with our offerings, so meet us in CeBIT Hannover 2016, Hall 002, stand C36 to discuss your query, from 14th -18th March.