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Remarkable Things to Expect- Fintech Solutions at CeBIT Germany 2018

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

The largest international computer/IT trade fair is getting close. CeBIT Germany 2018 will touch base on three core components this year- Businesses, Leads, and Ideas. CDN Solutions Group is one of the app development companies at CeBIT Germany 2018, featuring its products and services. The event will begin June 11 and will wrap up on June 15.

A lot of exciting technologies and solutions await us at CeBIT this year. Technology is moving at a skyrocketing pace. And, this trend is leading to a strong phenomenon of Digital Transformation. Organizations are revolutionizing their processes and operations to cater to the advancements in IT within their infrastructure.

At these times, an event packed with IT innovation enthusiasts and facilitators can bring immense potential and value. Businesses are striving to get through with their transformative processes with lesser hurdles, and one of the major industries struggling and bringing itself up is the Fintech space.

What to Expect – Fintech Solutions at CeBIT Germany 2018


Most companies exhibiting at CeBIT Germany will revolve around intelligence tech, data, robots, security, etc. But, for the Financial institutions, CeBIT is focusing on these are the core technologies-

Artificial Intelligence – AI and Machine Learning have taken over all industries in the recent years. In the financial domain, Artificial Intelligence is predominantly allowing institutions such as banks to detect frauds using machines and sophisticated software before the humans can do it. Some institutions are feeding compliance regulations into the machines, which then help detect any anomalies in conforming to these regulations. Chatbots are employed in banks and other financial entities to take over the human interaction for the first few minutes, as of now, to lead to customer satisfaction. AI and ML have teamed up to help investors make better decisions. In a wrap, AI is changing the way the finance industry tackle challenges.

Blockchain – A chain that is disrupting the Finance industry. Blockchain has exposed newer ways of managing and recording transactions over a decentralized platform. The distributed ledger technology opens gateways to bring trust and transparency to the financial domain. Where frauds are too common and threats loom large, Blockchain promises to clear the cloud and replaces legacy systems with advanced ones. Fintech solutions at CeBIT Australia 2018 are sure to touch upon the immense value trapped in this ledger technology.

Threat and Security – Security is getting harder to achieve as days pass by us. Data breaches and security threats have become too commonplace for us as the tech-generation. In the Fintech space, AI, ML, and cryptographic technologies are becoming increasingly important. Software solutions that detect threats and frauds in real-time are another great source of innovation to happen for collective good.

These are some of the focus areas for app development companies at CeBIT Germany 2018. Financial technologies have become immensely critical as the adoption of online transactions has improved even in the developing countries around the world.

Meet CDN Solutions Group at CeBIT Germany 2018 for Fintech Solutions

Among the many companies exhibiting at CeBIT Germany 2018, we are one. We are arriving with our Fintech solutions at CeBIT Germany 2018!

CDN Solutions Group has made innovation and value its two partners. Ever since our inception, we have focused on solving real business challenges. We are now striving to help financial companies get in complete control of their processes and helping them digitally transform. Our services have helped many businesses with their most pressing challenges. We are proud of the fact that we have only led them to satisfaction through our services.

Keep an eye out for our Fintech solutions at CeBIT Hannover 2018 and pave the way for better collaboration and better results.

Find us at stand G18 Hall 16. Contact us for fintech solutions.

Why Hall 2 will Get Much Attention in CeBIT Hannover 2016

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

Countdown to CeBIT 2016 Hannover has begun now and the highlight of the CeBIT event this year is ‘Hall 2’ – Digital Business Solutions. This year’s CeBIT will cover a broader spectrum of topics and areas than ever before, embracing all the major trends such as the Internet of Things, eCommerce & mCommerce software and solutions, Augmented Reality, Innovative web and mobile app solutions, iBeacon, Hardware Integration, Big Data and Cloud, Fog Computing, Innovative and smart software and solutions, etc. All of these will be represented by the delegates of CDN Software Solutions in Hall 2, Stand no C 36 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds during 14th – 18th March, 2016.

Mr Surajit Mitra, CEO of CDN Software Solutions (an innovative hub of Web and Mobility solutions providers) believes that Digitalization has power to transform your business. With the digital business solutions, your business leads will become double or triple. So CDN Software Solutions will present best examples of Digitalization in CeBIT Hannover 2016.

We have Developed Many Innovative and Smart Digitalized Solutions Like: –

* Vehicle Security Solutions, Bike Sharing Solutions (IoT)
* Motor Controlling via Mobile Apps (Hardware Integration)
* Voice Controlled Apps and Solutions (An app that makes you to do chat, call or anything you want to do
while driving)
* Secure Digital Transformation Apps
* Innovative and smart customized solutions according to your business requirements

CeBIT Hannover 2016 - Hall 2

Some more smart software and solutions will presented by CDN Software Solutions in Hall 2 Stand no C-36

* Associations, organisations and institutes for digital business
* eLearning solutions for schools, vocational colleges, universities, further education facilities
* Innovative eLearning solutions (serious games, Web 2.0 eLearning applications, mobile eLearning
* Learning management systems, LMS
* Software and solutions for artists’ agencies
* Software and solutions for clubs
* Software and solutions for cultural facilities
* Software and solutions for libraries
* Software and solutions for museums
* Software and solutions for sports/sports associations
* Software and solutions for education and teaching
* Software and solutions for hospitality management
* Software and Solutions for restaurent management
* Software and solutions for health care
* Software and solutions for information and communications
* Custom application software and solutions
* Offshore software development
* Web design, website development services
* User tracking services, Web tracking services
* Web analytics services
* Web monitoring services
* eLearning content systems, eLearning knowledge management systems
* Innovative eLearning solutions (serious games, Web 2.0 eLearning applications, mobile eLearning
* Latest learning management solutions (LMS Solutions)
* Smart education and university management solutions

So, if you are searching for smart and innovative development partners to speed up your business development,CDN Software Solutions have the capabilities for your intensified requirements. Meet us in CeBIT Hannover 2016 in Hall 2, Stand No C-36 and explore the possibilities for your business in the digital world.

You can contact us here right now to make an appointment and can also get a free e ticket for CeBIT 2016 Hannover to visit this global IT show.

CeBIT 2016 – Innovative Software & Solutions for Real Estate Management

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

CDN Software Solutions has developed innovative software and solutions for real estate management to manage properties deal, fund management, relationship with investors and third parties, show 3D view of properties from anywhere, anytime, email and sms marketing of properties, trust accounting with payment gateways, billing and invoicing, lease management, maintenance management, and many more.

With CeBIT Hannover round the corner we are all geared up with our offerings in Real estate management software and solutions. Our delegates will be present in Hall 2, Stand C36 to discuss some Innovative real estate managment solutions.

Our software and solutions for real estate management has capabilities to maximize the perspective deals, aggregate and purpose portfolio data to analyse performance and compare to benchmarks, you can also upload and export your key data.

Software and Solutiond for Real Estate Management

We provide:

* Software and solutions for real estate housing
*Software and solutions for real estate agents
* Software and solutions for real estate brokers
* Automatically sync contact data of prospective investors
* Organize and leverage your network
* Bundled reporting to better understand the fund performance
* Brokers can show 3D view of properties to its customers from anywhere, anytime

CDN Software Solutions, a leading provider of web and mobility solutions is known for its creative and innovative work and it is consistently delivering smart solutions from 16 years. We also provide smart software and solutions in different sectors like: –

* Agriculture Management
* e-learning and m-learning
* Human Resource Management
* Logistic Management
* Retail and Hole-sale Business
* Finance and Accounting
* Business Organisation
* e-commerce Development
University and College Management
* Hospital Management System
* Software and Solutions for Banking Purposes
* Voice Controlled Software and Solutions
* Location Tracking Software and Solutions
* Security

Like every year, CDN Solutions Group is again exhibiting in the global IT show CeBIT 2016 – Hannover. Our delegates are their from 14 – 18 March, 2016 at Stand no C36, Hall 2 in Hannover Exhibition Ground, Germany to discuss about your requirement and you can also share your innovative ideas with us. So we will make your ideas live.

Contact us right now if you have amazing ideas to implement or to speed-up your business development because tomorrow never waits.

In case of availing free e-invite please contact us here.

Don’t Miss Open Source Software and Solutions at CeBIT 2016- Hannover

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Countdown has begun for CeBIT 2016 to be held from 14th – 18th of March in Hannover, Germany. The focus this year is on Digitalization, Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud, Fog Computing, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality, iBeacon, Cross Platform Mobile Apps, Digital transformation, Hardware Integration, Social Business, Digital Marketing, Open Source Software and Solutions and many more.

You can check this all and also can find the innovative solutions in all these areas and specially in open source software and services. Checkout the latest and unique open source software and solutions by CDN Software Solutions in CeBIT Hannover at Stand no C 36, Hall 2, Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Germany: –

* Opportunity and assessment for open source software and solutions

* Governance for open source software and solutions

* Substitution and migration

* Portal and business intelligence

* Content and document management

* Functional open source applications

* Integration and custom development

* Public service platforms

* Mobility managed services

Why to Visit CDN Software Solutions in CeBIT Hannover 2016

CDN Software Solutions has an unparalleled capacity to innovate and execute the open source software and solutions. CDN is one of the leading service provider in IT software and services. We provide open source software and solutions to small, medium and large sized organizations. We work on open source technologies like :


* PHP web development

* Corporate website development

* PHP based CMS development

* Custom PHP development

* PHP/MySQL development

* Web application development

* Portal development services

* Custom PHP Programming


*Custom web applications on Ruby on Rails

*Auditing codes

*MVP for start-up businesses

*Flexible and scalable solutions


Dot Net –

*Microsoft .NET Desktop and Web Application Development

*Migration web based and stand alone applications to .NET

*Windows Mobile Application Development



Sugar CRM





Open Source Software and Solutions Major Adoptions in 2016

* Open Source Software and Solutions is driving in new sectors like mobile

* Macro shifts in Open Source Software and Solutions

* Flexible and innovative solutions to simplify the development, design and and implementation of business critical applications

Contact us to know how our open source software and solutions are tailored for your business needs. We cordially invite you to meet us in world’s largest IT conference and exhibition, CeBIT 2016 – Hannover, Germany during 14 – 18 March, 2016 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds, in Hall 2 Stand C 36. We can also provide you free-e-ticket to experience the world of innovation, new ideas and digitalization. Please contact us here for the same.

Put a Layer of Safety on Your Vehicles with Security Alarm Apps

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

CDN Software Solutions, a smart web and mobility solutions provider has launched many innovative apps. This time we are introducing you all to our security alarm app. A self installed bike security app that the user controls from a smartphone.

When one of our employee’s bike theft from the market, he got an idea that why don’t we built an app that secure our vehicles and controlled by our mobile phones. And we at CDN Software Solutions, who are always waiting for the new ideas, have got something innovative to get implement. So we built exactly an app that secure our vehicles and controls by our smartphones.

The app Lock8 featured with a GPS/GSM alarm secured bicycle lock named as “Bike security device” using Bluetooth connection. “Bike security Device is a GPS/GSM alarm secured bicycle lock that is remotely controlled through a mobile device such as iPhone. The Device is attached to a bicycle (in the future it could be attached to any other vehicle).

The device may be in a different state such as locked/unlocked. The device may obtain its current coordinates by means of GPS or GSM and send related data to the Bike lock Server in order to update corresponding device information in a central repository. This app also facilitates their users to rent and share their bikes with other users.

Security Solutions for the Internet of Things

More than just a tracker the app which we developed is the digital smart lock that lets you secure your bike using an app. It’s so smart you can simply walk away from your bike and the Bluetooth will detect you’ve left it, automatically activating the alarm. Theft attempts, detected by the sensor, accelerometer, temperature or smart cable, activate a 120db alarm while texting the user.

Other Lock8 owners can also be alerted allowing the community to police their own bikes. Users can even share bikes by digitally unlocking them for friends from anywhere. Click here for more details about security solutions for the Internet of Things.

Some interesting features of the bike security app are:

* Real time notification of any security event

* Movement of your vehicle can be viewed in real time

* You get notified when your vehicle should be moved from the current place

* You can digitally unlock your vehicle if want to share your bike with friends

So, what you are waiting for, if any innovative idea is popping up in your mind, do let us know about it to get implemented. We at CDN Software Solutions, always thinking about the innovations and new ideas and we like people who are innovative.

CeBIT 2016 – Hannover is all about the innovations and new solutions for the digital world. And that’s the main reason of exhibiting in this event for the 5th consecutive times. Yes, we are there in CeBIT during 14-18 March, 2016 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Stand C 36, Hall 2, Germany. You can see our products and solutions that we are showcasing in CeBIT Hanover 2016. Also you can get a free e-ticket to visit this great IT show from us here.