Software and Solutions for Business Intelligence at CeBIT Hannover 2017

Software and Solutions for Business Intelligence at CeBIT Hannover 2017

Do you know that “companies using business intelligence software are 5 times more likely to make faster decisions?” Over the past decade, business intelligence has transformed a lot and thereby transformed the way companies work. Use of BI, leads to better decision making. Being a top notch IT service provider company CDN Solutions Group has developed innovative software and solutions of business intelligence for clients. So if you are seeking for BI solution for your sector then do meet us. We are exhibiting in CeBIT Hannover 2017 in Hall 002 Stand A33 and this is our great chance to meet you to discuss on your BI requirement.

We can help you as we have developed BI solutions for industries such as healthcare, human resource, education, manufacturing, oil and gas, banking and finance, marketing and sales, retail, travel and hospitality, eCommerce and mCommerce business, etc. So lets have a quick look into them:


Business Intelligence Solutions for Healthcare Industry

We have developed BI Solutions for both hospitals and pharmaceuticals that have helped them to make insight-driven decisions that derive in better margins, satisfied patients and accurate resource allocation. If you are not getting a clear view of your hospital performance then we promise you to deliver a Business Intelligence solution to get enhanced visibility into financial, operational and clinical performance.

The business intelligence solution for healthcare operations can be streamlined to be more cost-effective to improve total operational effectiveness, improve bed use, cut down on unnecessary re-admissions, and track requirements for mediclaim. So do you also need a BI solution for your healthcare unit? Meet us in CeBIT Hannover 2017 and get an insight into it.

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Business Intelligence Solutions for Human Resource

Business Intelligence has become a key instrument in analyzing the true value of the human capital within a company. We’ve listed some of the main potential benefits of adopting business intelligence throughout the HR department that we have developed for one of our esteemed client. Analyzing employee success, calculate sick leaves and holiday leaves, workforce optimization, increment and bonus calculation, etc.

Business Intelligence Solutions for Retail Industry

Retail businesses manage incredible amounts of information. Every interaction generates a new record, and every new record is an opportunity to learn more about how to make your retail business more efficient and successful. At CDN Solutions Group, we have helped many retail industries by developing Business Intelligence solutions for them. We have featured some very classy BI solutions for retail industry such as brand understanding, store operations, internet sales data, inventory management, identify changing consumer trends and behavior, boost efficiency in supply chain, etc.

Business Intelligence Solutions for Hospitality

The hospitality industry is one that is driven by customer loyalty. Many customers pick their hotel of choice and will stay with that same hotel because of the experiences, services and even the price. Customers have recently been rewarded through hotel, credit card, and airline points that help drive and maintain this loyalty. Utilizing data to their advantage, the hotel industry has been actively exploring and implementing business intelligence. So the Business Intelligence solution for hospitality sector can have features such as attract online customers, guest loyalty kiosk, performance monitoring, effective brand marketing, etc.

The list does not end here !

We have developed Business Intelligence solutions for many more industry verticals. To showcase our work in BI and other domains we are exhibiting in CeBIT Hannover. So you may also contact us to talk more on this topic. Avail your free e-invite here.

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