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Social Media Mobile Apps Making Life Interesting and Easier

Today  number of social media mobile apps have been developed, making networking easier. This is the platform where people connect without even meeting them. And, this is one of the strongest reasons why mobile apps have dominated the mobile market. And, if you also want to make a profit with social media, build an app that could lure more traffic through mobile devices. Now you might be worried about the type of app you could build. So, check out the following examples of commonly used apps and invent a new idea for your business:


I don’t think there’s any mobile user who doesn’t use the FB app. Still, let’s have a look at its features. It makes your life interesting and exciting being your virtual social platform. It helps you to be more social and communicate with people easily. It allows you to share your updates immediately on your wall in terms of photos, views, stories, and comments. You can also chat with your friends and stay connect with your audience. For brands, the story and business page work best where you can share the snippet of your personal as well as business updates with your followers. As it’s very important to keep the audience engaged.

Hoot suite:

This ranks among the top mobile apps. It enables you to access and manage all your social channels from one place. Not only this, but you can also have tabs for the hashtags and people you want to monitor consistently. Using this application, you can easily keep a track of what others are saying and respond to them immediately. It also allows you to schedule content on multiple channels simultaneously.


It’s another sensational app launched in the market after Facebook. It allows you to share photos and videos. There are other apps too with the same feature but what makes it different is you can make you snap into art by applying different filters and also add hashtags. Not only this, you can even share your art over different popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It also has an interesting feature that allows you to go live with your followers’ groups or even in public.


It’s an app that redefined messaging as tweets that you can post on yours as well as other’s wall apart from private chats. You can use this app to create a genuine profile through which you can share or post contents like updates, news, expressions, etc.


It’s a social media management app through which you can schedule posts directly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is another platform from where you can manage all your social accounts, analyse results as well as engage with communities simultaneously.


You can use Evernote to sync all your devices like android phone, MacBook and iPad. This will help you to carry your social media information on any device. As it allows you to save anything on the web, take screenshots, keep notes, and add tags. In short, it makes you organized and efficient.

Grammarly Keyboard:

As the name suggests it’s a professional editor that auto-corrects typing mistakes like misspellings and grammatical errors. So, you can use it to avoid making mistakes in your social media updates that may embarrass you.

We have gone through a list of 8 mobile apps and many other apps serve different purposes and are being loved by mobile users like LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and more. And, if you need help to develop a dedicated app for your business which is intuitive and appealing, contact CDN  Solutions Group without wasting any more time. We have 19+ years of proven experience in developing mobile apps. And one such example of an app is “Desertfire Online” that recently won the Platinum LearnX Award 2019.

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