Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Gitex Dubai 2017

Smart Manufacturing is no longer new to manufacturing experts and strategists. If it makes you wonder what really entails Smart Manufacturing, let’s start you with what the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) thinks Smart Manufacturing is-

“Smart Manufacturing comprises of systems that are fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, in the supply network, and in customer needs.”

Smart Manufacturing is being labeled as the next Industrial Revolution, and we second that. There’s no denying the fact that Technology is disrupting the traditional ways in which the world once functioned.


How can your business benefit out of Smart Manufacturing?There are numerous ways in which your business can flourish with the apt employment of Smart Manufacturing.

  • Deliver the high-level customization requirements of your consumers through the extensive yet subtle use of smart manufacturing
  • Improved productivity with smarter machines that would function without or with least manual interference.
  • Increased energy efficiency with smart manufacturing will lead to gaining an advantage in the competition.
  • Derive valuable insights from your business through digitized data which is captured at various points in your flow of manufacturing.
  • Better risk management with automatic detection of faults and quick decision making of the machine to shutter a disaster.

Make your machines smarter and join the world in the Industry 4.0 ride.

Technologies at the core of Smart Manufacturing

  • Industrial Internet of Things – Internet of Things has found its place in the manufacturing vertical and it is drastically changing the way factories functioned. IIoT is essentially the phenomenon of making the machine smart. The first step to undertake is to link it to the Internet.
  • Smart Sensors – Smart sensors are the very core of the concept that Smart Manufacturing is. Sensors installed at various points within a manufacturing work-flow lead to real-time data processing and decision-making when a faulty condition calls for it.
  • Data Analytics – What good is data if not analyzed. Data Analytics is the whole purpose of Smart Manufacturing. The Data yielded from the “smart” machines is either stored for later studies to derive useful insights, or used as it comes to take crucial on-point emergency decisions on-the-go.

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How can CDN Solutions Group help you grow “SMART”

Achieve operational excellence in your business with our Smart Manufacturing solutions that we are exhibiting at the Gitex Technology Week 2017, Dubai. We don’t want you to be “data-rich and insight-poor” because that is worse than not having chosen smart manufacturing anyway. The amount of investment that goes into turning a factory “smart”, only pays off if the data gathered is put to exercise.

Our technically competent team at CDN Solutions Group will ensure that your business thrives well and also smartly. We are bringing our cutting-edge technology solutions for all your Smart Manufacturing complications to the Gitex Dubai 2017 event, a five-day Tech-packed event (8th to 12th October) to be held at the Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre at stand SR-F4.

If you’re not moving fast enough in this high-paced Technology-driven world, you are probably moving backward. Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Gitex Dubai 2017 by CDN Solutions Group will seek to add that flair to your manufacturing process while you embrace Industry 4.0 in all its glory. So fix a meeting with us here to meet in Gitex Dubai 2017 during the event to discuss your pain areas of business.

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