Put a Layer of Safety on Your Vehicles with Security Alarm Apps�

CDN Software Solutions, a smart web and mobility solutions provider has launched many innovative apps. This time we are introducing you all to our security alarm app. A self installed bike security app that the user controls from a smartphone.

When one of our employee’s bike theft from the market, he got an idea that why don’t we built an app that secure our vehicles and controlled by our mobile phones. And we at CDN Software Solutions, who are always waiting for the new ideas, have got something innovative to get implement. So we built exactly an app that secure our vehicles and controls by our smartphones.

The app Lock8 featured with a GPS/GSM alarm secured bicycle lock named as “Bike security device” using Bluetooth connection. “Bike security Device is a GPS/GSM alarm secured bicycle lock that is remotely controlled through a mobile device such as iPhone. The Device is attached to a bicycle (in the future it could be attached to any other vehicle).

The device may be in a different state such as locked/unlocked. The device may obtain its current coordinates by means of GPS or GSM and send related data to the Bike lock Server in order to update corresponding device information in a central repository. This app also facilitates their users to rent and share their bikes with other users.

Security Solutions for the Internet of Things

More than just a tracker the app which we developed is the digital smart lock that lets you secure your bike using an app. It’s so smart you can simply walk away from your bike and the Bluetooth will detect you’ve left it, automatically activating the alarm. Theft attempts, detected by the sensor, accelerometer, temperature or smart cable, activate a 120db alarm while texting the user.

Other Lock8 owners can also be alerted allowing the community to police their own bikes. Users can even share bikes by digitally unlocking them for friends from anywhere. Click here for more details about security solutions for the Internet of Things.

Some interesting features of the bike security app are:

* Real time notification of any security event

* Movement of your vehicle can be viewed in real time

* You get notified when your vehicle should be moved from the current place

* You can digitally unlock your vehicle if want to share your bike with friends

So, what you are waiting for, if any innovative idea is popping up in your mind, do let us know about it to get implemented. We at CDN Software Solutions, always thinking about the innovations and new ideas and we like people who are innovative.

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