Role of E-Learning Platforms In Revolutionising Education Sector

Role of E-Learning Platforms In Revolutionising Education Sector

We have seen the extraordinary effect of tech innovation on the education sector, there is a perceptible change in teaching strategies and learning ways in the past few years. Teaching advertisements and marketing promotions have replaced slates, and blackboards with electronic sheets, laptops, and projectors, and the education industry keeps on developing, advancing, and growing.

The headway in technological innovations like online learning management systems makes our life easier, simpler, and more understandable. Tech innovations are there today in pretty much every sector or area of our lives whether it’s paying utility bills, online shopping, health, or wellness, and presently you can see its huge role in the teaching and learning sector also. Today, it is offering extraordinary assistance to schools, educators, and understudies. With growing technologies in the education sector, the customary classrooms, once set apart by dull drawn-out sessions, are presently transformed into an intriguing, exciting environment. Digitally Advanced learning has made life simpler for everyone associated with the education sector.

Covid19 Outbreak Accelerates E-Learning Platforms

In 2020, the world faced a COVID-19 outbreak, where a large number of schools, colleges, and universities shut down their physical classes in the wake of the pandemic severity. And still, it is difficult to foresee where this pandemic would take the world, but this pandemic has definitely brought advanced digital change at scale in each field including eLearning platforms.

All education institutions including schools, colleges, and universities are performing everything virtually, from taking admissions to directing tests, delivering all the lectures to proclaiming results. The education sector is making a decent attempt to give a genuine and smooth learning experience to its understudies utilizing an assortment of education software solutions. Schools are executing different tech solutions to fill the holes in scholarly learning and educating, giving compelling and customized insight to their understudies. Let us understand more about education and learning solutions available today:

Types of Educational Platforms

  • Learning Management Software (LMS): LMS represents Learning Management System. This is a type of programming software that empowers organizations and educational institutions like schools, coaches, and universities to make and manage illustrations, courses, tests, and other exam preparation materials. Our LMS is rich with highlights like recording sessions, alerts, updates, and reminders, substantially more.
  • SCORM-Based LMS: SCROM is a Shareable Content Object Reference Model that has a few sets of technical standards for e-learning software solutions. CDN Solutions Group provides SCROM-based LMS for all educational institutions. This software helps in automating all the operations.
  • Cloud Education Platform: Cloud-based education platforms permit you to access and utilize your online teaching platform without installing particular hardware or any software. You just need to launch your online coaching with high-speed and steady internet connectivity, an essential tool to record classes and content. It can be used by schools, college students, or corporate learners.
  • Virtual Classroom Solutions: A virtual classroom is an internet-based learning platform that allows you to do live communication between lecturers/coaches with the use of videoconferencing for continuous and real-time collaboration. Content sharing can become easy with virtual classroom solutions.
  • Online Examination Software Solutions: Online examination software is the best way to save time, paper, money, and manpower. Online examination software has outperformed the expectations of each and every educational institution irrespective of location, and size. Our online examination software solutions are safe, and secure, as they are blockchain-based solutions.
  • Evaluation and Assessment Software Solutions: Assessment software can help you to generate sophisticated, detailed feedback and assessment reports of students or employees of any organization. It will reduce desk work, and it replaces the maintenance of large documents.
  • E-Learning platform for childbirth: eLearning platform for childbirth has been solely designed for pregnant women. This platform helps expecting women to explore more about specialists and experts to get knowledge of the pregnancy journey to childbirth. These platforms can help hospitals, and individual doctors to serve their patients with ease.
  • Video Tutorial Management Solutions: We are filling the space between students and educators with the help of video tutorial management solutions. Many coaching institutes are opting for this software to create video tutorials that can be downloaded by students anytime anywhere on a particular topic session.
  • Online School Management Software Solutions: Online school management software provides an open environment for all teachers, students, and parents. The attendance, report card, test notifications everything can be seen by all. The three different portals have been created in this software specifically for teachers, students, and parents.
  • Online courses software systems: Nowadays online courses are very much in. Online courses have attracted almost all kinds of people whether they are in technical roles or in non-technical roles. There are courses for all. These courses are pocket-friendly and can be taken by anyone anywhere. We provide secure and feature-rich online course software for training institutes, coaching, and other universities.

Types of E-Learning Applications

eLearning mobile app development company gives colossal freedoms to the education sector to serve a range of learning exercises compactly with the help of an application. Nowadays due to the covid19 outbreak, the e-learning app development holds the strongest position ever, whereby educating is embraced remotely and on all types of digital platforms. Here are a few applications designed by CDN Solutions Group that can help students to study remotely from their smartphones and tabs:

  • Online Training Apps
  • Examination apps
  • Library Apps
  • Online coaching apps
  • Vocabulary apps
  • Kids riddle apps
  • Education gaming apps
  • Mobile applications for colleges and universities

Key Benefits of Building An Educational Platform

Gallup’s review report says that technological advances have expanded the understudies’ engagement rate in schools as well as in universities by 55%. Educators are likewise finding support with the tech stacks, they are able to clarify the point all the more effectively and conduct interactive sessions. A few more benefits of building an E-Learning platform are listed below:

  • Access to a variety of sources
  • Go Green Concept
  • Time-saving technology
  • Helping hand for institutions
  • Better and automated management
  • Setup an identity
  • Can maintain high standards of learning

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Developing An eLearning Platform

  • Intricacy: This element is characterized by the requirements of the crowd/audience and the readiness to relate to them. Intuitiveness and interactivity is the fundamental role of E-learning that ensures improved student involvement. The more customized platform you develop, the costlier the eLearning advancement will be.
  • Developers/designers Rates: Contingent upon whether you go for an outsourcing educational software development company or hire a freelancer, your costs can differ accordingly. The paces of offshore and nearshore companies can go from $19 to $79 each hour (may vary). Focus on the tech stack on the grounds that the more explicit and complex this perspective is, the more you should spend on subject matter experts. While working with outsourced engineers, you get all the ideal specialized abilities in one spot.
  • Type of content: Pick the kinds of content you need to include in your platform. They might be pictures, recordings, videos, or live sessions. If you are required customized content, the costs will increase. Off-the-shelf devices are a more reasonable choice however they don’t guarantee great quality.
  • MVP(minimum viable product) Features: There are various benefits to the MVP approach. Utilizing it will altogether decrease time-to-market and reduce the expense of building a web-based learning platform. You ought to settle on the fundamental usefulness for understudies, instructors, administrator boards, and landing pages. Click to get the quote for your eLearning app development.

Challenges in The Development of E-Learning Software

e-learning has emerged as a strong tool for students, employee training sessions, and professional development. But the development of e-learning software solutions comes with a few challenges as well. Let’s discuss those challenges and how to overcome them rapidly.

Mobile Compatibility and Accessibility: Mobile compatibility of e-learning software is essential and plays a crucial role while developing it. Many organizations face challenges in making it accessible and compatible with mobile users. As many organizations want to provide seamless access to their employees or students over smartphones and tablets.

Solution: Go for the mobile-first development process and work on a cross-platform framework. It will help you to make user-friendly software that can work on both platforms.

Security and Data Confidentiality: Securing data over software has always been a crucial part of any software development process. It is imperative to protect the software against data theft and ensure confidentiality for all the employees and students using the product. While developing the eLearning software it is a big challenge to make it compliant with data protection protocols.

Solution: Implement strong authentication and data encryption protocols. Use secure coding techniques. Regular audits can also help in maintaining the security and safety of the software.

High cost of the software: E-learning software development requires a strong technological infrastructure, for example, servers, hosting, and bandwidth capacities, to sustain the delivery of content to a large audience simultaneously. Developing and maintaining this framework can be expensive.

Solution: To overcome the high cost of software, companies can rely on various other options like open-source e-learning platforms, and cloud-based solutions, which all are less expensive.

Low adoption rates among employees: Resistance to change is a big problem while implementing any software in an organization. Lack of knowledge employees are less motivated to use the software.

Solution: Communicate the benefits of working on e-learning software for example availability to access large no of resources. Organizations can establish incentives such as rewards and certificates.

Final Words

eLearning has been a significant platform for all educators across the globe. Not every person was probably going to get sufficiently close to information sooner. Topographical boundaries found it outlandish for educators and understudies to move to different nations. This most recent development of online educational software has assisted with guaranteeing steady tutoring. eLearning mobile applications additionally give students and educators more prominent platforms and worldwide rewards.

If you are looking for feature-rich education software development services please contact us. We have developed various E-Learning platforms.