Parallax Scrolling – an Easy and Powerful Way of Navigation for your Website

Making a presence on the internet through a website can be easy but making your website interesting, interactive and attractive altogether is a tough job, but it is now made easy using Parallax Scrolling. The navigation is most easy as the user only has to scroll and it does not require clicks on menus and options on the website.

What is Parallax Scrolling?
Well, the word Parallax comes from astronomy and it refers to displacement in apparent positions of objects when seen from two different view points. Lets take an example of a common phenomena, often when we travel in cars, trains, buses etc. we notice that the objects near to us moves away faster from our sight than the far objects. This is how the parallax scrolling works, the web page has multiple layers which moves with different rates. So, when we scroll down the page, instead of having all the contents move together we get an impression 3D, it makes the web page more interactive and interesting.

Why use Parallax Scrolling?
When developing a website, mobile app, game etc. the most important attribute these days is ‘User Experience’, you miss this point and you miss most of your potential customers. So, if you want your website to talk to your customers in most attractive way then Parallax scrolling is the best choice for you. Parallax scrolling not only makes navigation easy which is the most important in any website, it also adds fun and personality to your website. Parallax Scrolling is becoming a trend these days and surely you don’t want yourself to feel left out.

Parallax Scrolling, when it started?
Parallax scrolling is a concept which was used in almost all the web designs in the 90s, it was a trend back then and now it is coming back in a more interesting way. The reason behind its comeback could be extensive use of tablets, smart phones nowadays, which made the designers to bring back Parallax Scrolling for making navigation easy and understandable.

Parallax Scrolling, How it looks?
There can be multiple ways for using the Parallax Scrolling, here are few examples which will help you understand in how many different ways parallax scrolling can be used, if you check Bagigia you can see how the product is displayed in 3D, Ben the Bodyguard would let you see how the benefits of the mobile app are shown using parallax scrolling, you can also check Lostatlantis, and here’s the one that keeps the viewers engaged till the end and gives information all the way down about the making of the movie Life of Pi.

Parallax Scrolling is the most trending website design used by most brands and companies, using parallax scrolling on your website would definitely bring more visitors and also will raise up your sales and popularity.

We are in the process of Parallax Scrolling website development for some of our clients, which will showcase, once launch.

If you also want to have an interactive Parallax Scrolling website, Contact us to get a quote.

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