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Crowdsourcing – A Highly Grooming Thing in Digital World

Crowdsourcing is a process of getting work together online. The word is a combination of two words i. e. Crowd + sourcing. It is like to take work and outsource it to a crowd of workers. Best Example: Wikipedia. Rather than Wikipedia making an encyclopedia all alone, contracting writers and editors, they have a group the capacity to create the data all alone. The outcome? The most far reaching encyclopedia this world has ever seen.

Crowsourcing is a brave idea and many big firms already adopted this. The companies who adopted crowdsourcing are Coca-cola, Nokia, Unilever etc. Crowdsourcing is basically a large group of people who works online.

Big enterprises see the advantages of crowdsourcing too. It transparently looks for […] Continue Reading…

The Power of Hash Tags in SMM (Social Media Marketing)

If you want to start a business, you have to follow today’s culture of intense social media activities. Social Media is a big deal and a very important factor of business today.

Talking about hash tags, every social networking platform contains a common and popular theory i.e. hash tags. The hash tag is like a collection of your keywords in a trendy way. For example if you provide services of mobile apps, then your hash tag is like #MobileAppDevelopment.

Hash-tags is a new way to categories your updates or themes. Hash tags trend started on twitter and is used to categorize your social posts, tweets, or everything which you socially update. If you use hash tags, you can make […] Continue Reading…

OnHub – Google’s Latest WiFi Device, Let’s Know More About It

Recently, Google has announced its parent company named Albhabet. Now, This time Google has launched a new smart device called OnHub, that is a WiFi router. Actually, Google has lunched OnHub in partnership with TP-Link. Right now it is available in USA, then after a few weeks it will be available in Canada as well. According to Google it is very easy to set up and manage. The OnHub router looks like a cylindrical tower. It will be available for sale from August 31st. Right now its cost is US $199, which is decided by Google.

Let’s have some features of this smart Wi-Fi device:

Google On App Connectivity: You can manage this device with the help of Google On App […] Continue Reading…

Google Comes Up With New Logo – A Historic Turning Point For Google

Google, the world’s largest company recently have made various changes, but the latest and the biggest change came up on September 1st, when Google changed its logo. Yes, again Google have changed it’s logo. Google has completed 18 years and this is the sixth time when Google changed the company logo. It is a surprising move by Google, which has taken by Google without any announcement. According to the experts it is one of the biggest change by Google since 1999.

What changes Google have done in logo?

The new logo is still the word mark, but Google used sans-serif typeface in new logo. The color of the letters are also softer than they used in the previous logo. The new […] Continue Reading…

Facebook Solar Powered Drone ‘Aquila’ Is Ready For Testing

The biggest social media company of the world Facebook is aiming to launch a full-scale solar powered drone to provide internet access in remote parts of the world. According to the latest announcement Facebook has completed building it’s first full-scale drone, Aquila and now is ready it’s real world testing.

The solar powered drone has given the code name ‘Aquila’. It will be able to fly for three months continuously without landing. It will transmit the data with the help of laser. Facebook has planned to make more number of drones and connect together to provide internet access to large rural areas.

“Our mission is to connect everybody in the world. This is going to be a great opportunity for us […] Continue Reading…

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