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How Joomla is Effective for My eCommerce Business?

If you are going to start or already have an eCommerce business, then you must develop an eCommerce website for your business. There are lot of platforms and CMS available for eCommerce website development like Drupal,Magento, WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla and so on. So, anyone can easily get confuse that which content management system should I choose for eCommerce business website development. If you are facing the same situation, then after reading this post you will get focused and the picture will be clear in your mind to choose the best CMS for your eCommerce website.
Mostly web developers prefer Joomla to develop an eCommerce website. Reason being, Joomla is a powerful content management system and it requires low maintenance cost […] Continue Reading…

Why you need to have an E-Commerce Website or Online Shopping Cart?

E Commerce refers to trading over electronic systems such as internet and other networks. It consists of the buying and selling of products or services in real-time to facilitate the financing and transfer of funds in secure and trusted way. E-commerce can be said as a system that allows online movements buying , selling goods , services, and information. Describing E-commerce as an electronic market for communicating with buyers and sellers, offering products and services and making payments digitally or virtually, will not be wrong.

It is an important facet and measure as a sales phase of e-business or online business. It facilitates and change the way your potential customers locate, compare and purchase goods – forever. And […] Continue Reading…

Parallax Scrolling – an Easy and Powerful Way of Navigation for your Website

Making a presence on the internet through a website can be easy but making your website interesting, interactive and attractive altogether is a tough job, but it is now made easy using Parallax Scrolling. The navigation is most easy as the user only has to scroll and it does not require clicks on menus and options on the website.
What is Parallax Scrolling?
Well, the word Parallax comes from astronomy and it refers to displacement in apparent positions of objects when seen from two different view points. Lets take an example of a common phenomena, often when we travel in cars, trains, buses etc. we notice that the objects near to us moves away faster from our sight than the far […] Continue Reading…

What Is The Best Thing U Like About your Workplace ??

We understand that different people like their jobs for different reasons. What do you like about your job?? What motivates you and gives you fulfillment about your job. Please be kind to let it out.

You can give your suggestions in form of:
1) Clicks
2) Videos
3) Writing
4) Or, Any other Creative way

CDN Solutions Group at Indo- Australian Chambers of Commerce 11th Business Delegation

CDN Solutions Group is proud to be a part of Indo Australian chambers of commerce 11th Business Delegation.

CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to be a part of “11th Business Delegation to Australia” organized by Indo Australian Chambers of Commerce. The Delegation was held from 13th – 20th Oct 2012 and the mission visited Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Our CTO Mr. Chetan Naik was proud to give a presentation in this auspicious event. The delegates interacted with 150 Australian companies in the above mentioned cities.

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