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Augmented Reality Solutions in CeBIT Hannover 2017


One of the most talked about and enticing technology that has got immense popularity, for one reason alone that the implementation of this technology can be many industries and could change how things were done earlier.

To define Augmented Reality, it technology by which computer generated content is super imposed on real life environment. There are many great applications of this allowing the user to experience something really extraordinary. Though this tech is not something that was recently developed but the popularity of smartphone has made this accessible to all.

CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading offshore development company works in emerging technologies such as AR/VR, Beacon, Hardware Integration, Internet of Things, etc. This year we will […] Continue Reading…

Samaagam 2016 – Time for Fun & Frolic


CDN Solutions Group is a reputed web and mobility service provider company in Indore which consistently providing quality solutions from 16+ years.

We are celebrating our annual corporate event on 17th and 18th Dec, 2016. Corporate annual events are one of the best part in professional life. It give opportunities to all the employees to come together as one and showcase their talent. That’s all happens in CDN Solutions Group’s annual event party – SAMAAGAM 2016. The venue for 17th Dec is Nakhrali Dhani, Indore and for 18th Dec 2016, we have choose Sayaji Amber.

This post is all about your valuable feed-backs or suggestions that how we can make Samaagam 2016 more memorable than previous years. If you have any […] Continue Reading…

How to Make a Good App Great?


With the digital world going crazy over the number of apps that are being launched every day, there are ideas that would but unique or in a unique environment. The applications developed are intended to solve a problem be it industry, individual, scenario or a market, however the success rate of the app are less than 10%, If you look closely the reason for such a low success rate could be factored to marketing the application and the app itself.

For the consideration of this article, we would only look at from the development perspective on how the app could be made good and even great.

To make a good app the app concept owner should keep following things in mind.

[…] Continue Reading…

A-Z Solutions of What To Do With 500 And 1000 Rupee Notes


PM Narendra Modi finally throws his trump card on the face of black money savers. The 500 and 1,000 rupee notes is now going to be a thing of the past as Government has scrapped these notes to crackdown on exchange of black money. A proposal for new 500, 2000 and 5000 rupee notes has been cleared by the Reserve Bank of India.

What to do with your 500 and 1000 Rupee notes: –

Deposit them at the bank or post office from November 10th to December 30th without any limit..
Exchange them from a bank or post office till 24 November. The limit for exchange is Rs. 4000
Take your Aadhaar card and PAN Card when you go to […] Continue Reading…

CDN Solutions Group Announces Its Business Trip to Australia


CDN Solutions Group is glad to announce its business trip to Australia. Over the years, CDN Solutions Group’ client base in Australia has increased at a rapid pace.

This business trip aims to strengthen business relations with existing clients, give innovative business solutions, free analysis of current working scenario, showcase technical capabilities, ideas to increase the revenue of your business and build new partnerships. The Company’s expertise has already helped add value to Australia clients in many ways.
Why to Meet CDN Solutions Group in Australia
Here are the reasons to meet CDN Solutions Group in Australia;

Free analysis of your business problems and resolve those things with the help of our 16+ years IT knowledge.
Quick and easily applicable solutions that give outcomes […] Continue Reading…

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