OnHub – Google’s Latest WiFi Device, Let’s Know More About It

Recently, Google has announced its parent company named Albhabet. Now, This time Google has launched a new smart device called OnHub, that is a WiFi router. Actually, Google has lunched OnHub in partnership with TP-Link. Right now it is available in USA, then after a few weeks it will be available in Canada as well. According to Google it is very easy to set up and manage. The OnHub router looks like a cylindrical tower. It will be available for sale from August 31st. Right now its cost is US $199, which is decided by Google.

Google OnHub Router

Let’s have some features of this smart Wi-Fi device:

Google On App Connectivity: You can manage this device with the help of Google On App as well. Google On app is like a smart app, which allows you to do a lot of tasks without moving away from your desk. You can check the bandwidth usage and perform network check of this device with the help of Google On App. The main thing is that, if you face any issue with the OnHub router, then Google On will notify that you have an issue with OnHub. It will let you know all the details regarding that particular issue like name of the issue, solutions of the issue and how to fix it. Google On app is available for Android and iOS users. So, it is a great feature of this smart Wi-Fi router.

Set Priority of Connected Devices: If there are multiple devices are connected to this router and you need to download something very important on your devices, then you can set your device’s priority as High.

Automatic Update: Smart Wi-Fi router OnHub updates automatically. It doesn’t show any notifications or messages to update the device or network. So, it doesn’t bother you to send notifications to update device again and again and you will always get the updated version and latest features on your device.

Auto-cooling System: This smart device lets you permit to use for a long time without any break, because it has an auto-cooling system. It has a vertical heat sink and vents along its core. So, the hot air automatically rises and escapes through core and the device remains cool.

Smart Connectivity With Channels: When you set up this device, then it scans the airwaves of the best available channel to provide the fastest internet connection and all this process happens with the help of a unique antenna design and a software that constantly running in the back-end. It also resists any kind of interruption or congestion and provide you the fastest internet connection.

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