Next generation interface - Control your mobile using gestures

Next generation interface – Control your mobile using gestures

We all are well aware about 2d and 3d dimensions since our school-days. And in today’s scenario we are  able to interact with mobile phones and other smart devices using gestures with our hands and fingers. In three dimensions we can make the digital world look like the real one.

In many Hollywood films we have already come across this concept and believe me this technology has make the dream of directors come true. Simple concept behind this interface is width, height, depth — as we know the world is three-dimensional. So why are almost all interactions with mobile devices based on two dimensions only? Some well-known IT companies have already worked on this technology and we have some greatest examples of Virtual Reality.

Touchscreens have made it a lot easier to interact, but as new devices such as smart watches and virtual reality glasses has turned up, we are not contented with two dimensions only. We want to interact with our surrounding world in 3D as well.


The applications are many and diverse — virtual and (VR and AR), medical settings, robotics, e-learning, 3D games and much more. To be able to analyze in real-time the movements of the hands and individual fingers, however, requires both high capacity and high intelligence of the system that is to handle this. It involves large amount of data and advanced analysis, especially when the system needs to track the movements of multiple hands simultaneously. Apart from this we already have some android apps that interact with sensors and provide very basic level of interface.

In my opinion one key issue is how we can develop and use new techniques for the analysis of so-called Big Data to analyze gestures and movements. Likewise, how we can integrate them with solutions that already exist for computer vision and pattern recognition, to tackle the high degrees of freedom 3D gesture analysis. Being an active adopter of technology we have worked on GPS based Augmented Reality mobile application for our client. With the help of this app user can socialize with people via GPS based tracking through a live camera feed application. By virtue of this application we have tried to enhance the experience of the user at their respective localities and we work on more projects based on AR and our developers make it possible for our clients.

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