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Mobile App Testing Ensuring The Quality Of Your Application


mobile app testing

Today, there are multiple companies that offer Mobile App development Services but do they assure you with the best mobile app testing services ?  CDN Solutions Group has a team of expert quality analysts with proven experience in mobile app testing who tests the software in-house. Anything that is developed must also be tested in every possible scenario. And, this is what we do at CDN  Solutions Group.

With technological advancement, more and more features are being added to applications as well. Just adding new components is not enough, they are also required to work together. And, this is what our team takes care of. They will not only help you convert your ideas into reality but will also take care of the consequences and resolve them.
Now, let’s have a look at our testing phase:
Once the code is ready, the testing stage begins. Our team tests each module as the development progresses. We dedicatedly follow industry standard for app testing from unit testing to installation testing. Throughout the testing phase, we try to uncover defects so that it may be corrected and the application runs properly.

We cover the following areas of testing while we perform app testing:

Usability Testing:

This is being done keeping in mind that the application is user-friendly. This includes a wide range of textual, graphical and sometimes hardware elements for improving the clarity, intuitiveness, cohesiveness, and completeness of an application’s user interface.

Performance Testing:

This is not only about the functions of the app but how efficiently its components work under stress. It includes application efficiency, security as well as the quality of user experience.
User Acceptance Testing: This is being done to check whether the app is fulfilling all the user expectations with the application.

User Acceptance Testing:

This is being done to check whether the app is fulfilling all the user expectations with the application.

Functional Testing:

This is done prior to app release. This is done to check whether the app serves the purpose for which it was developed. We check whether all its functions are processing properly.
During application testing phase, we take care of the following:

Resource Consumption:

We try to make sure that the application doesn’t consume more resources, the less, the better! We also focus on the correct disposal of resources.

Programming Mistakes:

We try to make the app reliable by making sure that the result of the program is correct every time. This depends on the conceptual correctness of algorithms and the elimination of programming mistakes.

Unfavourable Conditions:

We make sure that our application is ready for situations like incorrect or inappropriate data, corrupted data, data loss as well as unavailability of resources such as memory, operating system, and network connections.


We also make sure that the application is compatible with the working environment and with other application software, operating systems, as well as web browsers.

In The End

If you also want to reap the benefit of Mobile App Testing along with enterprise mobile app development and maintenance services, contact us  CDN Solution Group now! Our team of quality analysts is organized and follows the best test-plan for all our clients.