Make Your Visitors ‘The BFF of Your Website’ by These Cool Tricks

Doesn’t matter how grateful your services & products are, dull websites that are not able to engage your visitors will simply fail to attract your visitors & also fail to convert them into your customers or clients. Dont Worry, If you apply these cool tricks on your website and make it more engaging and valuable, your visitors will definitely convert into your clients.

The visitors number will not matter if they are not doing any desired action on your website. If your visitors are leaving your website without taking any desired action, you have simply wasted your opportunity & time as well. So counting the number of traffic is not that much actual.

What really matters is how engaged your visitors are with your website. Are your desired actions reached through the longest path or wants n number of details so that the visitors get irritated? So here we are going to give you some effective ideas that will convert your visitors to the best friend of your website.

Design Website for Your Audience

The conversion rate of your website mostly depends on how you design it. If your website have adverts and it is showing in every couple of seconds in the form of pop-ups, visitors get irritated. In the last year, the subject of ad-blocking in iOS9 became a hot topic. Do people really want to see ads?

Here I am not saying that ads are taboo, but showing ads in every session of seconds is really bad. Now you will think how website owners make money if the advert gets banned? Advert will not get banned if it is set in proper manner. You have to just figure out some points so that you can show your ads to your audience without increasing the bounce rate.

  • Track your repeated visitors activity on your website that who likes to see the ads and who does not. What age of visitors like to see ads and what kind of ads they are liking.
  • Make relevancy in your content or ads. Make sure your ad is related to your piece of content.
  • Dont show ads repeatedly in every couple of minutes.

So these are all about adverts, apart from this, you can also focus on beautiful, clean and user friendly design. Dont make your design messy so that the visitors get confused. Try to insert important information related to your website in your home page.


Interact with your Visitors

If you are creating engaging content and your visitors are giving comments on your blogs, believe me this is the best opportunity for you to give response of their comments & build relationship with your audience at the same time.

The benefits of interacting with your visitors in this way can include increased brand loyalty, more return visits and a better connection with your target audience.

Be Unselfish with Internal Linking

Internal linking is not important just for SEO purpose, but for the site visitors as well. If you are going to send a visitor to a relevant piece of information on your site through internal linking, This will never break their trust.

Create Engaging Content

If you are producing content that is helpful to your visitors, that is a great start. Having an opinion in your content virtually guarantees of getting response. Asking question, respond to comments, advance information, are some another methods to engage visitors on your blog. Dont forget to take advantages of images in your content. As you know visual is more impactful than verbal.

Optimize Website for Mobile Devices

You probably already know the importance of a site that keeps mobile users happy. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile users. You have to also make sure about the pop-us, call to actions and other conversion methods are properly running in different mobile devices or not. If not than people will leave your website.

Keep your Site Speed Fast

Page speed has now become an official Google ranking factor. If you want people to engage with your website, the loading speed needs to be efficient and fast.

So these are some tremendous tricks by which you can convert your visitors to friend of your website. CDN Solutions Group is a leading web and mobile app development company, providing innovative solutions since last 16 years. At CDN we have designed and developed many websites that have generated good business to our clients.

Send us a free quote if you want to know more about how to engage people via website and make them your permanent clients or customers.

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