Make in India - HKTDC 2016 Hong Kong


Innovation has become the new buzzword in humanitarian circles. Make in India is not just about the manufacturing but innovation and smart ideas. This program is launched by India PM Mr Narendra Modi in September 14.

India is on the rise, It is not only situated as a new choice of relocating labour-intensive industries from China or other Asia’s countries, but also as a retail market of good potential.

We deeply analysed about the people’s need in the real time and after that we have reached to the conclusion that, Make in India is a perfect campaign for innovations, new ideas and technologies.

Here we are discussing some of the mind blowing Make in India ideas

Manufacturing Sector for Exports: As the world’s second most populous country after China, India has a huge market appetite for manufactured consumables. Make in India mission give wings to Indian manufacturing and now whole the world can also see the manufacturing power and innovative development of India.

Apparel and Textile Exporter: Indian garments are all time favorite garments and Made in India tag give the garments more value.

Make in India - HKTDC 2016 Hong Kong
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National Scholarship Portal: This portal is for students, which will provide end-to-end solutions and process of scholarship, which contains application, verification, sanction and disbursal of the scholarship. It will be applicable for all scholarships provided by Government of India.

Smart Cities: Smart cities are broadly defined as urban spaces that are technologically integrated, well-planned and environment-friendly.

India’s Retail Challenge through Tailored Regional Marketing: Indian retailers are giving tough competetion to foreign retailers and they are also taking India as a challenging market.

Digital Locker System: Digital Locker System is to minimize the use of physical documents and to reduce the use of paper, which indirectly indicates to save trees and enable people to share e-documents across different departments.

Online Registration System: The ORS system will introduce the concept of eHospital. People can easily do online registration, pay doctor’s fees, book appointment, online diagnostic reports and blood availability status online.

Environment Clearances can be Sought Online: Environment clearance is one of the important thing that have to be fulfilled on time. So, after the Make in india mission, this will be sought online.

Paper Registers are Replaced by Electronic Registers: As of now, the paper registers are no longer in use and also get replaced by electronic registers.

So, these are some fantastic Make in India prospects that have to discussed in HKTDC ICT EXPO 2017. If you also want to be a part of the innovations and new ideas, we are pleased to welcome you at our stand 3G-F31 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during the event i.e. from 13th – 16th April, 2017.

You can contact us here to become a part of this great trade show, in case if you are not attending HKTDC ICT EXPO 2017 this year, you can also contact us to avail your free e-invitation card to visit the same.

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