Location Based Solutions & Mobile App Development @ Communic Indonesia 2016

The merging of network computing and wireless technology with positioning technologies has given rise to a new class of applications and services that is called Location Based Solutions. LBS or GPS/Navigation has become an integral part of mobile app development. Many IT companies have developed location based solutions for their clients. CDN Solutions Group being a top notch IT Outsourcing company has till now delivered many GPS/ Navigation based mobile apps to their reputed clients.

Now with the motive of serving Indonesian market this web and mobility service provider company is all set to exhibit in ICT event Communic Indonesia 2016 to be helt at JI Expo hall from 31st Aug – 3rd Sep 2016. You can meet their awesome team at stand no A-1306. With a team of 230+ resources they can boast of developing location based apps like taxi booking, restaurant table booking, search nearby textile stores, Locate nearby hospital or coffee shop, located stolen bike, and many more.



The Location Based Solutions can mainly be broken down into three categories such as:

  • Client terminals (mobile devices themselves – smart phones, palmtop computers, personal digital assistants etc.)
  • Network infrastructure (the wireless network that links the application servers with client terminals – Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) – and the wireline network)
  • Application servers (the software components that create the information and deliver the service)

At CDN Solutions group, we have used multiple kind of LBS technologies for developing location based apps, for example:

Cell ID: Cell ID is a localization method and it is the simplest technology to implement in cellular networks. The ID is generate through base transceiver station (BTS) to connect the user when he/she wants. But the capacity of BTS is not used in cell id, the user should be connected to the network via the nearest base station. The accuracy of Cell ID is depends on the known range of particular BTS when the user fire a query for location based solutions.

Enhanced Cell ID: Enhanced cell id is also work like Cell ID, the only difference between them is , enhanced cell id used multiple BTS to reached at more accurate result.

Global Positioning System (GPS): The Global positioning system is one of the most important technologies of LBS. GPS uses the mathematical technique trilateration to regulate the user position, speed & elevation for achieving good accuracy. GPS directly communicate to satellites.

Assisted GPS: A-GPS requires BTS stations to be equipped with GPS receivers so that it could provide the exact location to the user.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Wi-fi & bluetooth uses similar methods as cell-id and triangulation but it applies them to wireless internet hotspots.

Near Field Communication(NFC): It is a very short-range wireless connectivity technology designed for cell phones and credit cards. It establishes radio communication between to devices or a device and NFC chip by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters.

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Geofencing: Geofencing creates virtual boundaries of its defined range and when a user enters in the defined area, Geofencing start its work. It sends text notifications to the user about offers, parking space, etc.

iBeacon & BLE: iBeacon technology is developed by Apple but it is worked for both Android & Ios users. This technology is situated in a given range and when communicate through beacon to beacon. On the other hand, bluetooth low energy (BLE) is a wireless personal area network technology used for transmitting data over short distances.

So these are some Location Based Technologies that we had implemented for our clients. If you also wish to get developed a location based solution, then feel free to send a quote here.

You can also meet our delegates at Communic Indonesia 2016 trade event for further discussion about your requirements. Contact here to fix a meeting with us or avail free passes for the event.

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