Find Location Based Services for Business at CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore

Location based services (LBS) fetch real time geo data from smartphone or other smart devices like iPad, Wearable devices, etc to provide security, information, awareness or time consuming purposes. Some businesses like Hotels, Restaurant, Theatres, Pubs, Stores, Concerts and other places or events allows consumers or end users to ‘Check-in’ at their place. In return, businesses offers some reward prizes, discounts and coupons to people who checked-in at their place.

Location based services may either use embedded satellite navigation receivers or network-based technologies. Location-based services for mobility business is a primary future market, both in terms of the number of users and potential revenue.

CDN Software Solutions an innovative IT solutions and Services provider company will showcase its creative or latest solutions of location based services at CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore booth no. BQ2-09. You can contact us right now to attend this event by getting free passes and to know more about our services.

Find Location Based Services for Business at CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore

Some innovative location based services solutions provides by CDN are:

Store Based Location Services – Using location-based intelligence, retail and wholesale customers can quickly find the nearest store location.

Travel information – Location Based Services can deliver real-time information, such as traffic updates or weather reports, to the smartphone so the user can plan accordingly.

Roadside assistance – In case of an accident, many roadside assistance companies provide an app that allows them to track your exact location without the need for giving directions.

Proximity-based marketing – Local companies can push ads only to individuals within the same geographic location. Location-based mobile marketing delivers ads to potential customers within that city who might actually act on the information.

Mobile workforce management – For logistics-dependent companies or others who sends employ individuals out in the field or at multiple locations, a location based service allows employees to check in at a location using their mobile device.

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Fraud prevention – Location based services creates another level of security by matching a customer’s location through the smartphone to a credit card transaction. Tying the smartphone’s location to a credit card allows you to flag transactions made across several geographic locations over a short time.

So these are some benefits of location based services for businesses. CDN Software Solutions have innovative ideas to apply LBS services on your business to achieve highest business revenue. Contact us right now if you are looking for any LBS solution.

You can also meet us at CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore event to know more about our solutions and services. We are also providing free passes for this event. You can avail your free pass for CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore here.

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