Find Latest Mobility Solutions at CommunicAsia 2016

CommunicAsia 2016 is a hub of all the latest and innovative technologies. At communicAsia, you will find the major possibilities in technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Virtual Reality, Mobility Solutions, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Hardware Integration, Beacons, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Big Data and Cloud, etc.

CDN Software Solutions is always looking for these kind of opportunities to showcase or contribute its innovations in the technology world. The moto of CDN is “Consistently Delivering Innovative Solutions”. And with the same motive, we are again exhibiting at CommunicAsia 2016 Singapore to disclose our inventive mobility solutions.

In this era of smartphone, its nearly impossible for any organization or people to live without it. According to a survey, in every 100 people 85 are using smartphones and from those 85 people 74 are using smart apps. CDN Software Solutions is a leading provider of mobility or enterprise mobility solutions. Our new mobility solutions cover almost all the businesses and these are: –

Retail or Wholesale Business – Our latest rugged Mobility Solutions for Retail and Wholesale will manage your business perfectly.

Supermarkets – As we all know, supermarkets are very big, and some times its going to be so difficult for us to search a particular thing. So with the help of our voice controlled mobility solution, you will find your things easily. You have to just give instruction to your smartphone that what are you looking for. And after that it will show you the exact position of your particular thing which you are looking for.

Smart Mobility Solutions - CommunicAsia 2016

Apart from these, we have latest mobility solutions for Hospital Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality Management, and many more. Mobility is a critical asset in business that can not only increase efficiency and productivity but also drive new revenue generation and competitive advantage.

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Our advanced mobility and enterprise mobility solutions work to increase the productivity of your business. Our solutions will manage your business of opposing forces and create real solutions.

Instead of choosing just one or two applications, many businesses are now considering holistic mobility strategies, complete with mobile app platforms, mobile device management, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, bring your own device solutions, and mobile security. CDN Software Solutions Advanced Mobility Solutions offers all these products and more.

So what are you waiting for? Meet us at CommunicAsia 2016 at stand no. BQ2-09 in Marina Bay Sands 018970, Singapore and increase your business revenue by our advanced mobility solutions. You can also avail free passes to attend this event here.

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